S4 / National Prelims

Prelim Exams for S4 students taking National 5 Level subjects begin on Monday 12 January and continue for the next two weeks. Students in S5/6 who are sitting National 5 exams in English, French, Administration, Music or Hospitality will also sit those National 5 exams with S4 pupils. Prelim exams for all other S5/6 subjects will be scheduled from 2 February.

The S4/National 5 Prelim Timetable can be downloaded below. The Higher / Senior Timetable (February exams) will be available soon.

Please note that as in previous years there is no study leave for prelim exams. All students sitting prelim exams attend school as normal during the prelims. This includes attending Tutor Time for Registration at 8:50am every morning prior to any exams which are scheduled first thing. Study Leave will be provided for the May SQA exams as usual.


Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 09.45.01
S4 / National 5 Prelim Timetable. Click to View.


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