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Website Success

This website has been running for nearly two years and we are about to approach an unprecedented 300,000 hits. During this week of bad weather we have had over 1500 hits per day. We know it is a highly effective way of communicating.

How to keep up to date

Some parents have asked for clarification about how we communicate via the website. Pages on the website are static and will be updated when required. The News Blog section contains all of our regular news. When we post an article to our News Blog a link to it automatically appears on our Facebook timeline. We never post directly to Facebook and we do not respond to messages there.

Important announcements and some links to our news blog are also posted on Twitter. Posts to Twitter automatically appear on our Facebook page too. Subscribers or Followers of our Facebook and Twitter accounts will receive our posts and tweets in whatever way they choose. However we do not follow parent or pupil Twitter or Facebook accounts and so are very unlikely to respond directly to messages or queries posted there.

Finally, anyone without a Twitter account can receive any of our Tweets as a text message directly to their phone. This service is free on most phone tariffs and from UK operators. To receive our tweets as a text message send the following message from your phone to 86444:

follow CA_Inverness

The word follow, then a space, capital C, Capital A, underscore, Inverness. Some mobile operator tariffs may not allow this service – please check with your provider as we cannot resolve this for you.

Our Twitter and Text service are the quickest and easiest way for us to communicate with parents, pupils and anyone subscribing to receive them. This has proven to be highly effective during the recent bad weather.

If you have any suggestions for further improvements or other ways of communicating directly we would like to hear from you. Direct communication to us should still be emailed, phoned, written or in person. See our Contact details for these traditional ways of getting in touch.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with our various means of communication and in particular for making our school website so successful and popular.



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