Pantomime: Cinderella and Rockerfella

Congratulations to Muirtown Primary School who have worked really hard over the past few months to perform their own version of Walt Disney’s Cinderella. The senior primary pupils performed on Tuesday 10th December in front of their classmates in Charleston Academy’s school hall and then again in front of their parents and family on Wednesday 11th December.

The hall was full of excitement to see Cinderella and Rockerfella (Prince Charming) come on stage along with his faithful talking dog Teaser. The Muirtown hosts made sure the audience were well practised at hissing and booing in anticipation of the appearance of Fairy Nastyboots. The ugly sisters did a phenomenal job at keeping the audience on their toes and laughing hard with their cake mixture fight and glass slipper antics.

I am in no doubt that we will be seeing some of this young talent appear again on stage when they move up into Charleston in the next year or two.

Congratulations are also due to the Charleston Academy’s Lighting Crew and School Radio team, Right Enough Radio, who did a fantastic job of supporting the Muirtown production by setting up and operating equipment, helping back stage, working with staff and overcoming some technical issues.

Once again, Well Done to all of you who took part.

Mr Scott Nairn, Acting Principal Teacher of Music

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