Staff Development at Badaguish

A group of Charleston Academy teachers are spending the weekend at the Highland Council outdoor centre at Badaguish. The focus of the weekend however is not outdoor learning but leadership. Staff are focussing on their role as leaders of learning and reflecting on their values, leadership styles and their own personal and professional development.

The workshops during the weekend are led by members of the Senior Management Team and Ms Mairi Sutherland who also coordinates the whole weekend. A similar weekend is held at the start of each session for our Lead Prefect Team too. This is the fourth Staff Development Weekend we’ve held at Badaguish and more then thirty staff have now participated in the weekend workshops or the full week long series of activities we have held at Columba14000 on Skye  three times now.

These development activities are important personally and professionally for participating staff but also for the whole school as we continue to embed our Core Values of Respect, Responsibility and Achievement in all that we aspire to do.


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