Art & Design Visitor

Former pupil Rebecca Brown came and spoke to the 6th year pupils in the Art and Design Department this week.

Rebecca having gained her Degree in Textiles from Gray’s School of Art in June, is now studying for her Master’s in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art.

As part of her Master’s Degree she wanted to visit the pupils to gain some first hand research for her contextual studies. Her overall theme is Safety – what makes a person feel safe/reassured/comforted and during her visit she asked the pupils to take part in a short questionnaire and drawing exercise, in which they had to consider colour, texture, quality of line, shape etc.

Rebecca also brought along part of her folio from her Degree, along with examples of her work from her placement at Hallmark Cards, and freelance examples from Tigerprint.

We are are delighted to meet up with a former pupil whose enthusiasm for Art and Design at Charleston has led on to such success, and we wish her all the best for her future career as an illustrator.

Ms Marj MacLeod, Principal Teacher of Art & Design

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