Advanced Higher Art Students Tramway Visit

Getting up at six am on a weekday is not my idea of fun, so when I was asked to wake at this time on a Saturday, obviously I was less than pleased. However I found the experience waiting for our small group of pupils and teachers from Charleston to be more than worth it.

We came to be inspired by young artists who just last year were in our position, studying Advanced Higher Art and creating their portfolios. It’s safe to say all of us were awe struck with the quality of the work displayed, every single piece showed imagination and effort, it gave us a lot to look up to and work towards. “Each piece is unique and portrays a lot of thought and creativity”. This was indeed true as some of the themes and ideas shown were very surprising and went places you did not expect.

I feel the whole exhibition really showed the freedom given to sixth year art students, in that there were no right or wrong ideas, everything had a well thought out and spectacular conclusion. We all learned a lot from this trip, I personally was opened up to incredible new ideas and viewpoints. With any luck, maybe one of us from Charleston Academy will be up there next year!

Art Teacher, Mr Derek Sim was also impressed. “I genuinely feel our trip to the Tramway Gallery was extremely beneficial to our students, being able to view the work of previous students¬†who were successful in obtaining a secure Advanced Higher pass in Art & Design and talking to those students will help guide our own students at Charleston Academy.”

by Colin Dunphy, 6L


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