Following Mr McKie’s retirement in June, Shinty at Charleston Academy is now being run by Mr Steven Tillman (Chemistry) and Mr Sam Todd (English). Both teachers are former pupils of Charleston Academy and Beauly Primary School where they first developed an interest in the sport and have retained a close association with shinty in the Highlands. They hope to see our Shinty Club go from strength to strength.

Already this session the Under-16 Shinty Team took part in the Great Glen Shinty Sixes at Glen Urquhart High School. Additionally, in order to allow younger pupils to get involved Mr Tillman and Mr Todd have introduced “First Shinty” to Charleston Academy for the first time.

First Shinty is a modified version of the adult game of shinty. It was developed by the Camanachd Association along with Team Sport Scotland and has been designed to promote the teaching and playing of shinty at school level.

The game is played by two teams of six players and provides opportunities for younger pupils to develop a wide range of skills specific to the game as well as skills that are general to all games playing.

First Shinty is about acquiring basic skills and developing an understanding of the game through fun and enjoyment. It has been developed specially for school-pupils to enable them to learn the basic skills and rules and tactics of games playing. When comparing it to the adult version of shinty, first shinty has obvious benefits in that it uses smaller playing areas, simplified rules, small sided teams and modified, less threatening equipment.

First shinty gives pupils the opportunity to have more time on the ball and so gives them more time to develop and practice skills. Boys can play alongside girls and the nature of the game encourages fun and enjoyment in a safe environment.

If you are interested in playing for the school shinty team or want to get involved in our First Shinty Club, please speak to Mr Tillman or Mr Todd. First Shinty meets in PE at lunchtime on Tuesdays.

Mr Tillman and Mr Todd

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