Geography: S2 Hazards Topic


Over the last term our S2s have been learning about environmental hazards around the world. They looked at Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes. This unit has produced some imaginative coursework and the S2s rose to the challenge at every step. The creation of volcanoes took a leap forward at Charleston with several erupting, edible volcanoes being created along with an imaginative array of added extras ranging from Lego men to dinosaurs. These homework masterpieces were then erupted outside on the blaze with the aftermath of soggy papier-mâché and cardboard bringing our topic to a close.

It seemed fortuitous at the end of our topic that a new movie about Mt Vesuvius’s eruption that covered Pompeii came out. Thanks to Eden Court the Geography department was able to offer all of the S2s who had completed their coursework a trip to the cinema to experience pyroclastic flows and the warning signs that would have preceded the event.

On Thursday the 22nd of May over 100 second years headed out of the school gates walking towards Eden Court. Even with prior reminders about the Scottish weather many were surprised when the heavens opened.

With popcorn bought and seats selected the film began. It will never win prizes for story but the effects were impressive with noticeable features of a volcano that we had learnt about in class. After spontaneous applause during the film, repeatedly, the film came to an end and we headed back to school. Thankfully the weather had cleared and all made it back in time for their buses.

Special thanks to the staff who accompanied us as well as Dan, Ali and Laura from S6 for all their help in the planning and escorting.

Miss Sali Massey, Geography Department

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