Scottish Schools Climbing Competition

With dawn still distant, 11 pupils boarded the minibus bound for Glasgow on Saturday 8th March. 7 of these pupils had qualified for the finals of the Scottish Schools Climbing Competition. 4 pupils came down to support, spectate and enjoy a day’s climbing. As we reached Glasgow the levels of excitement and trepidation grew for what awaited at Glasgow Climbing Centre. After a quick registration and introduction the climbers met their rivals from other schools around Scotland and got warmed up for the competition. Each competitor attempted 2 qualifying routes and the top 3 from each category progressed to the grand final.

4 pupils were successful in the initial round and moved to the final route. They were given 4 minutes to study the route then taken into isolation and one at a time invited out to climbing the route. With the crowd growing and not knowing how well the others had done it was all about focus and determination to get as high up the wall as possible. In the end pupils from Charleston Academy Climbing Club gained 4 medals.

Anthony Keyes (S6) 2nd place – S5/S6 Boys bottom rope category

Angela Zawitaj (S6) 2nd place – S5/S6 Girls bottom rope category

Jenna Bisset (S4) Joint 3rd place – S3/S4 Girls bottom rope category

Rebekah Morris (S4) Joint 3rd place – S3/S4 Girls bottom rope category

The atmosphere at the climbing wall was relaxed and friendly and all the pupils were sharing climbing experiences with others from around Scotland. This was a fantastic event and all the pupils had a great time and got into the spirit of the competition.

For more information about the climbing club see Mr Richards.

Mr Jonathan Richards (Technical Department)

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