Scottish Schools Climbing Competition

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15 pupils from S1 to S6 travelled to Dundee’s climbing wall, A Vertical World, in December to compete in the open heats for the Scottish Schools Climbing Competition. The competition consists of two parts. If successful in the heats, climbers in the top five of their categories from all the entries nationally will be invited to take part in the finals in March 2014.

The routes set for the climbers were particularly challenging and even the easier routes had their difficulties. From the 6 routes set, pupils in S1 and S2 were challenged with climbing four routes from an F4+ graded route to an F6c which would be difficult for most adult climbers. In addition, the S3s and S4s were expected to climb a route graded F7a which really tested the climbers strength and technique. Finally the senior pupils in S5 and S6 attempted an F7b route which was steep and technical.

All the pupils climbed incredibly well and without exception exceeded their own and my expectations. They all climbed with determination and showed superb support to each other.

Hopefully some if not all of those who competed in December will be invited to the finals in Glasgow.

Mr Jonathan Richards, Technical Department and Climbing Club Coach

The following pupils were competing:

Patrick Morris 1L1, Rory Barker 1T2, Samuel Blackhall 3K1, Nathan Ross 3K2, Lewis Hilditch 3K2, Ronan Hennessy 3S1, Beth Fraser 3T, Siobhan Gebicke Kerr 3L2, Jodie Kiero Kirk 3L2, Rebekah Morris 4L1, Jenna Bisset 4S2, Sophie Baker 5T1, Scott Janssens 6K, Anthony Keyes 6K, Angela Zawitaj 6K

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