Business Awareness Programme

On the 31st October, 24 Higher/Intermediate 2 Business Management pupils in S5/6 attended a two day Business Awareness programme at the Scottish National Heritage Headquarters in Inverness.

Speakers from a selection of local businesses told us about different aspects of their company. For example, Jennifer Nicol, the Marketing Manager from Tomatin Distillery, spoke about marketing and what job she does within the company. Craig Duncan from Craigton Foods spoke about the running of the three McDonald franchises he owns in Inverness, Elgin and Fort William. Other interesting speakers from Global Energy, Sharon Leon, HISEZ, Scottish National Heritage and Platform PR also presented to us.

As well as learning about each of their businesses, we took part in various competitive tasks such as thinking of the best way to market whisky, a really insightful seminar. One of our favourite tasks was on Day 2 of Business Awareness when our class got split into two groups and we each created our own business. Within our groups we then divided ourselves into the different operational departments within an organisation; Finance, Marketing, Production etc. At the end of the afternoon we presented our business to the rest of our classmates, then Catherine Macdonald, who organised the whole event, and Miss Bisset chose the winning team.

Higher & Int 2 Business Management pupils show off their Business Awareness Certificates
Higher & Int 2 Business Management pupils show off their Business Awareness Certificates

It was a privilege to have been able to have had Business Awareness in the Scottish National Heritage Headquarters. We were also very lucky to have such highly skilled business people taking time out of their days to speak to us. Business Awareness was definitely a very enjoyable and beneficial two days for the whole class.

Emma Macrae 6S and Kilda Fowler 6T

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