National Poetry Day 3rd October 2013

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The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day in Scotland is Water.

Scotland has 9,911 km of coastline and over 31,000 freshwater lochs, so, of course, water has always been a great inspiration to Scottish poets who, from the early Middle Ages to the present day, have been creating inspiring verse that captures the essence of our magnificent country.

To celebrate National Poetry Day 2013, S1 English classes will be taking part in a poetry quiz. Prizes will be awarded to winning teams who demonstrate both their knowledge of poetry and their skills in writing poetry.

These two poems explore the importance of water.

In the Gaelic poem ‘Rudan a ni uisge’, Maoilios Caimbeul writes of the importance of water to the natural scheme of our world. In ‘Rain’ Don Paterson sheds new light on a natural resource that we are all too familiar with here in Scotland.

Mrs Kay Storey, English Department

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