Higher Product Design IKEA Visit

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On Thursday this week the Higher Product Design Class, accompanied by Mrs Gordon and Mr Seymour, visited IKEA in Edinburgh. Ross MacKay (5T2) wrote about the visit.

We left the school at 7 o’clock, and began our long journey down to Ikea in Edinburgh. Half way down we stopped at Balliluig for breakfast where we were got a chance to stretch our legs and refuel for the rest of the journey

Four hours after we departed, we arrived at Ikea and were shown to a room – which had been recently decorated – in the back of the shop. We discussed our course for a while were then split into two groups and taken round the shop floor.  We were shown some of their new projects, how they were designed, the costs, their target markets etc. We were also shown around the back of the store and the logistics of delivering products to the shop as well as their recycling methods. We were also introduced to some members of their workforce and told a little bit about their jobs, it was interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Once we had covered everything we went back to the first room, where we met the others and headed to the restaurant for lunch.  After months of hearing Mr Seymour rant and rave about Ikea’s famous meatballs, we got to try them. The overall verdict was that he massively overrated them.

After lunch we went back to the room where we filled out a sheet to more or less see if we remembered what was said on our tour of the shop. We were ready to leave to go explore the shop on our own, when Mr Seymour stepped back into a large frame which had recently been put in the room.  It fell, shattered on the floor leaving everyone in hysterics, a part from Mr Seymour of course, who was mortified! Definitely the highlight of the day.

Once we settled down we thanked the people for our tour and headed out to the shop where we had 45 minutes free time to have a look around. We headed back around 3. Approaching Perth we heard that the A9 was shut, so Mr Seymour took us on a back road, which was rather winding and bumpy road, it left a couple of us feeling a bit uneasy. However, we arrived back in Inverness after a very long day at 7:45.

Ross MacKay, 5T2

Ross MacKay, 5T2

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