Olympic Dream…

On the 6th of September four Young Ambassadors and two teachers took the sleeper train from Inverness to Euston on our way to the London 2012 Paralympic games. It was an exciting and restless trip as all of us were ecstatic to finally be going down to London to experience the games.

On arrival in London all of us were tired but looking forward to the day ahead of us. The games kicked off before we arrived at St Pancras to catch the train to the Olympic Village. As we walked there were loads of world records painted on the pavement along our route to the station including Usain Bolt‘s 100m World record, needless to say all of us tried and failed to match his stride length.

As we handed over our tickets to get access to the Village we could see the massive Olympic Stadium on the horizon and our anticipation increased as we marched up the steps to get a glimpse of the track. We got to view four hours of competition and medal presentation including the amazing blind triple jump, T46 800m‘s and then at the end Oscar Pistorius receiving Gold for the 4x100m relay. It was an incredible experience; we saw loads of the Olympic venues including the Velodrome and aquatics centre in the incredible weather. We even got a chance to look in the massive 2012 Olympic store. The day was made by all the volunteer Games Makers that rallied the thousands of people that were bustling through the village to see the events.

After a long day of walking and cheering we settled into a dinner at Nandos to reminisce about the day’s events. It was a day to remember and a memory that we will all treasure. And on the train home although we wanted to stay up and carry on talking we were all too tired to comprehend the day we had just had.

Alexander Thorne (S6)

Platinum Young Ambassador for Charleston Academy

The Young Ambassador programme is a SportScotland initiative supported by Active Schools and school PE departments. Charleston Academy has two Platinum Ambassadors (Alexander Thorne and Yuka Gallagher) and two Gold Ambassadors (Callum White and Beth McDonald) whose role it is to inspire and motivate others through sport and volunteering.

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