School of Football

Mr Richard Hastings,  SFA Appointed Football Coach, former Caledonian Thistle player and Canadian International

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Charleston Academy is home to the only SFA School of Football in the highlands. Boys and girls in S1 and S2 take part in daily football sessions which are geared towards developing their social and academic skills.

A SFA accredited coach delivers sessions which help to promote responsibility and determination as well as enhance skills such as communication and problem solving, all of which can be applied to classroom situations. Players are selected on a variety of factors and their participation on the programme is dependent upon attendance and academic performance. School of Football uses pupil’s passion for football as the tool to motivate them and develop engagement in school life as a whole.


School of Football Key Dates

  • March – Visits to our Associated Primary Schools for enrollment next session.
  • early May – Trials for new S1 pupils. 3:30pm onwards.
  • mid May – Current S1 pupils visit Hampden for the day.
  • June – Player and Parent interviews for the new S1.


Our Coaches