Right Enough Radio

Mrs Fiona Stuart, Principal Teacher of Music

Mr Scott Nairn, Music Department

Our own Radio Station


Charleston Academy was one of the first schools in Scotland to launch its own Radio Station. Our pupils run their own school-based radio station, called Right Enough Radio. From a purpose built booth in the art department, our radio station broadcasts three times a week, at lunchtime in our canteen and online.


Radioskills is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the European Social Fund and based at MFR in Inverness. They provide training for would-be producers, presenters, reporters, and schedulers through on-the-job-training and first hand experience.

Radioskills is currently working with other schools in Inverness , helping them set up their own radio stations. They’ve been working with Charleston Academy exploring our experience of setting up a radio station and keeping it running over the years. They’ve made three podcasts that you can listen to HERE, involving interviews with our radio team and music PT, Mrs Fiona Stuart.

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Right Enough Radio is on Facebook. Make song requests and find out more HERE.

Danny Alexander Interview


History of Right Enough Radio

Following a project set up by BBC Radio Scotland, a proposal for a school radio station was met with enthusiasm by the school’s senior management team. A pupil radio committee was formed and given the responsibility to source equipment, identify funding and then actually building the studio. This involved consulting experts from the BBC and the local commercial radio station, Moray Firth Radio. Time with their engineers was spent making sure we had everything that was necessary for broadcasting.

The station first broadcast on the 14th of April, 2008. The programme featured Calum Macdonald and Tom Gallacher (head boy). Nicky Marr from MFR also came down to take part.

Since then, the station has broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Right Enough Radio aims to inform, educate and entertain while broadcasting and to this end has adopted the tagline of “music, news, entertainment”.

The tagline was based on the main content of the station. Our target audience of 11-18 year old pupils want to listen to music more than anything else and so this is placed at the forefront of the station’s tagline and therefore at the forefront of our programming to achieve our entertainment remit.

News is also an important strand of any broadcast which aims to educated and inform. So local, topical issues are covered when they arise. National and international news bulletins are also included.

Although seen as part of our wider curriculum, Right Enough Radio is strongly supported by our Music department. PT Mrs Fiona Stuart and teacher Mr Nairn, coach, mentor and advise pupils on all aspects of the radio station. They also fulfill an important role in ensuring succession planning as older students depart and younger ones take the reigns of the station, which can include being anything from deejay, to quite complex aspects of sound engineering. In 2012 our Radio Station undertook an outside broadcast, from a gazebo, at Dochgarroch Primary School during our annual sponsored walk.

Embedding our radio station in the life of the school is an important aspect of Curriculum for Excellence. Right Enough Radio  easily encompasses the four aims. Students involved in the station become effective contributors to the ethos and atmosphere of the school, creating a positive environment and taking part in an extracurricular activity. They are responsible citizens, as it is students’ discretion, in accordance with the station’s broadcasting guidelines, which decides on programme content. Students are confident in developing entertaining and engaging broadcasts to around 800 people each lunchtime. And all students involved are successful learners – most come into the radio station with no experience of the equipment they are faced with, nor any practical experience of presenting a radio programme. The skills required must be honed with training, experience and learning.

The radio station aims to be all-inclusive. All students can be involved. If students are not actively involved in presenting or producing programmes, we aim to promote audience involvement, whereby pupils can request songs to be played as well as “shout-outs” to wish pupils happy birthday or to congratulate them on a special achievement.