Mr Scott Nairn, Music Department

Mr Shaun Foster, Principal Teacher of Biology

Charleston Academy’s Scuba Diving Club is open to all pupils. At present we have 15 pupils who regularly attend our club ranging from S2 to S5, ex-pupils and their parents.

The Diving Club meets once a week for pool training and theory lessons. This important training allows our club members to scuba dive out in “open water” where they will continue to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. Once they have completed the course, pupils are presented with a certificate which will allow them to join other clubs and dive around the world.

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Pupils who take part in this adventurous sport learn to develop the following skills;

  • Team work
  • Independence
  • Management/organisation skills
  • Discipline
  • Scuba Diving
  • First Aid/Rescue skills
  • Identifying Marine life
  • Health and Well Being

Pupils will also become:

  • Successful Learners – by developing their understanding of Scuba Equipment
  • Responsible Citizens – by practising safe diving techniques/procedures and take own responsibility for further developing their Diving and Marine knowledge
  • Confident Individuals – can demonstrate to others how to use equipment correctly
  • Effective Contributors – can suggest potential areas for exploration