Boxing Club

Mr Gordon Stewart, Depute Rector

Our successful Boxing Club is an initiative in partnership with Boxing Scotland, The Highland Boxing Academy and Police Scotland. The aim of the initiative is to improve levels of self-confidence and to encourage a more focused engagement with school (as well as improved physical fitness.) The programme is very successful and has developed to become part of the enhanced curriculum at Charleston Academy. Each week the boys participating in the programme go to the Highland Boxing Gym in the Carsegate.

Boxing Club takes place on Tuesday afternoons during class time. Pupils eligible or invited to participate are accompanied by our steward, Mr Peter Lees and Depute Rector Mr Gordon Stewart. At the gym the boys (and staff!) are put through their paces by Liam Foy (Head Coach) and Alan Maclennan (Coach and Police Scotland Youth Coordinator). Boxing isn’t for everyone but the boys participating enjoy the activity and develop important skills as a result. There is a clear focus on physical fitness and also positive goal setting for school and beyond. A number of the older boys will be completing a Leadership Development qualification facilitated by Ami Warren (Active Schools Coordinator.) They will be taking the skills they have developed to some of our local primary schools and Youth clubs as well as offering training for younger children.

Our Boxing Club programme has been funded through Highland Council and Moray Firth Radio with Police Scotland and the Highland Boxing Academy important partners in this initiative. It is hoped that later this session we will be able to run a similar programme for girls.

For more information please see Mr Gordon Stewart, Depute Rector.