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SQA Exams 2017

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SQA Exams for all students in S4, S5 and S6 begin on Tuesday 2 May and run until Friday 2 June. At assembly this morning all students in S4, S5 and S6 received this letter outlining school arrangements for their exams, along with a personal copy of their own exam timetable.

This allows all students to plan their own Easter revision programme effectively as the exams approach.

Students also received a copy of the SQA Your Exams Guide. You can download and view a copy HERE or below.

Finally, all students were also given a copy of this leaflet, explaining how to register to receive SQA results by email / text when they are published in August. Students MUST register for this service.



















Mrs Helen Hunter, Depute Rector & SQA Coordinator

Easter Study School

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SQA Exams begin on Tuesday 2 May. All young people in S4/5/6 sitting exams will receive final details of times and rooms for all of their exams next week.

Meanwhile, as the final push towards these exams, some departments are offering Easter Study classes. During the break the school is open from 9am to 3pm for these classes to run. All students are welcome to attend any relevant class. Check with teachers for the start and end time of each subject.

Thursday 6 April:
  • ART (National 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher)
Wednesday 12 April:
  • RMPS (National 5 / Higher)
  • MATHS (Higher)
Tuesday 18 April:
  • MATHS (Advanced Higher)
Wednesday 19 April:
  • RMPS (National 5 / Higher)
  • PHYSICS (National 5)
  • CHEMISTRY (National 5)
  • BIOLOGY (National 5)
Thursday 20 April:
  • ART (National 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher)
  • MATHS (Higher)
  • PHYSICS (Higher)
  • CHEMISTRY (Higher)
  • BIOLOGY (Higher)

SQA Presentation Levels

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This Letter was given to all young people in S4, S5 and S6 yesterday. The information attached to it confirmed SQA candidate details for the forthcoming SQA exams in May. Importantly it also confirmed the final subjects and presentation levels for the exams each student will take. Students are asked to share this information with parents or carers, check the subjects they are entered for and confirms the Level of Presentation.

Signed confirmations details should be returned by Friday 17 March.

Mrs Helen Hunter, Depute Rector

Senior Prelims, Parents’ Evening & Reports

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All students in S4, S5 and S6 received their reports along with this letter last week. These have been published ahead of the Prelim Exams Schedule. Prelims begin on Friday 13 January and run for three weeks until Friday 3 February.

There are now less than three school weeks until the Prelims begin.

Following the Prelims all Parents and Carers will have an opportunity to meet teachers at Parents’ Evening. There are two scheduled:

Each of these meetings is for the Parents/Carers of young people in S4, S5 and S6. Parents/Carers can attend one or both. Because they are on different evenings this allows all Parents/Carers to hopefully attend an evening meeting that suits them. Teachers will be giving updates on Prelim Exams and the action required thereafter ahead of the main SQA exams in May.

We hold our Senior Phase Curriculum Information Evening in the New Year. This takes place on:

Please ensure that you are aware of these important dates. We look forward to working with you to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for our Young People.


Letter S4/5/6


Prelims 2017


SQA Results

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Results of SQA courses and exams should be delivered by email / text (from 8am) or by post on Tuesday 9 August 2016. Senior staff will be available in school on Tuesday 9 August and Wednesday 10 August. Please phone the school if you have any queries about any aspect of the results.

Please see the SQA website for information about your SQA Results. The section on Results Services is also useful. Remember Appeals no longer exist – results can now only be subjected to a clerical review or a marker review.

Further good advice can be found on the Skills Development Scotland website.


Good Luck to everyone waiting on results.

SQA Exams 2016

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All Students in S4, S5, and S6 received their personal SQA Exam timetables on Thursday or Friday this week. They also received some guides from SQA, including the official Your Exams 2016 Guide. This contains all the details students in S4, S5 and S6 need to know about exam arrangements. However, be aware that schools are entitled to re-schedule exams by up to 30 minutes in order to suit their own arrangements – please refer to individual timetables for the exact time and location of exams at Charleston Academy.

All students are asked to check that all of their exams are listed and to be aware of when and where the exam will take place. If there are any problems or queries in relation to any aspect of the exam arrangements then please call Mrs Hunter immediately.

Please see our Qualifications section for more details and other guides available from the SQA and other organisations.


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Higher Geography Success

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Congratulations to former Charleston Academy pupil Arianne Ross. At the weekend Arianne attended the annual conference of the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers where she was awarded the SQA Prize for the highest overall mark in the SQA Higher Geography examination for 2015. Arianne was delighted with such an accolade and was equally impressed to receive her award from adventurer, broadcaster and author Mark Beaumont.

2013 SQA Results

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Sqa_logoCharleston Academy pupils received their SQA results today (Tuesday 6 August). We are delighted that so many pupils have done so well. This is testimony to the effort and hard work of our pupils, their teachers and other staff and also the support of their parents and carers.

Some results worthy of note are the 46 pupils in S5 (32.6%) who passed three or more Highers, compared to the Highland average of 27%. 21 of those S5 pupils passed five or more Highers (15%) which is well above the Highland average of 11.6%.

In S4, the number of passes at Standard Grade Credit Level was 56 (40.3%), up from 33% in 2011 and 37% in 2012.

Staff will be looking into the results in more detail over the next few weeks. Meanwhile congratulations to everyone on the results of their hard work. If anyone has concerns or queries about any aspect of the SQA results, please telephone the school meantime.