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Dr David Fowley’s Big Bang Presentation

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Dr Fowley returned to Charleston Academy on Friday last week with the Big Bang Strikes Back as part of the 2016 Inverness Science Festival. On Friday 6th of May, he presented an interactive and explosive display of colourful, catalytic, chemistry experiments. Beginning with the most simple of materials, ice, but not the regular kind – frozen nitrogen at approximately -90 degrees centigrade. Many members of the audience got to have hands on experience juggling small nuggets so it didn’t freeze their skin.

Moving along David showed us an oscillating reaction which was assisted by a chemical catalyst, the solution flashed between clear and brown as the chemicals and catalyst reacted. To end his Big Bang extravaganza David deconstructed a firework and so ending with his own ‘big, little bang’.

by Cameron Cochrane, 3T2. Photos by Zarah Gollan, 6S1.


S1 Science Fieldwork

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On Monday and Tuesday this week, all S1 pupils headed out to Dunain Woods above the school to carry out fieldwork. Outdoor Learning is an important part of our curriculum and it’s great that all first years were able to take part and undertake some real fieldwork in the countryside around the school.

Flash Bang!

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As part of the Inverness Science Festival, Dr David Foley of Dundee University visited Charleston Academy on Thursday afternoon to deliver a “Flash Bang!” demonstration to our S3 students. The pupils were treated to an array of experiments that flashed, fizzed, and banged. And along with some humorous analogies, the pupils were able to appreciate the applications of the science behind these dazzling demo’s.

Mr Steven Tillman, Chemistry Department

Science Transition Roadshow

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Primary 7 pupils had a wonderful opportunity to explore some fascinating science last week. All of our Science teachers accompanied our enthusiastic Science Technician, Mrs Pam Hamilton, on visits to each of our Associated Primary Schools.

Primary 7 pupils, who will be coming up to the Academy in August, were treated to some weird and wacky experiments for a whole morning or afternoon. The focus was on skills of enquiry and pupils were encouraged to ask questions while taking part in an exciting range of experiments.

The programme is a new addition to our transition arrangements for Primary 7 pupils. Staff from our English department and our Maths department also visit primary schools to focus on Literacy, Numeracy and jotter work skills.

Primary 7 pupils visit Charleston Academy on 17 and 18 June when they will follow a sample timetable. Before that, our Guidance staff will be visiting all Primary 7 classes next week. Additionally, there is an information evening for parents of all Primary 7 pupils in our school hall at 7pm on Monday 17 June. Invitation letters have recently been sent out via our associated schools.

Find out more about our Transition arrangements HERE.

Science Department Fieldwork

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S1 Science Pupils have been out of school during some lessons this week undertaking fieldwork in Dunain Woods. Pupils in 1K reflected on their work and their are photos of all classes below.

On the 22nd of May 2013 class 1K went to Dunain Woods.  It was a lovely sunny day when we left school on the mini bus.

We worked in partners to follow the map along the Great Glen Way, which had landmarks and trees marked on it so we could find the answers to the activities we had to do.

We had to find different types of leaves and collect samples to identify them.  We also had to look at the view of Inverness to identify where four landmarks of Inverness were on our map and find the grid references to gain points in the quiz.  We also had to collect different colours of things from nature.

On our way up the hill we saw a Buzzard swooping over the field in front of us.  When walking through the forest we had to be careful not to stand on the Primroses because they are a protected species of plant.

At the top of the hill it started to rain but it did not last long enough to spoil a fun and great trip.

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Highland Young Engineers

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Sixth Years and science prefects Michaela Kent, George Ashton and Erin Moss represented Charleston Academy at the Highlands Young Engineers and Science Clubs Celebrations held at Eden Court last week.

The event was an opportunity to take part in industry challenges, showcase science club activities and compete in an Eco-Ferry challenge. The three sixth years had a great day and gained a wonderful insight into the work of industry in some innovative areas.

Science Club relies heavily on the support of the science prefects and it was fitting on the day that they received a special mention at the prize giving ceremony.

Mrs Pam Hamilton, Science Technician and Science Club Coordinator

Lab in a Lorry visits Charleston

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The lorry, which is a mobile resource centre operated by the Institute of Physics, came to Charleston for three days. This gave all of first year and second year pupils the opportunity to attend a session. It was a chance to experience hands-on science experiments using energy, light and sound, which have been developed to encourage exploration. It is fantastic outreach resource which relies on volunteers who really help the children connect science to everyday life and a chance to interact with real scientists working in different fields. Perhaps one of our pupils will become an inventor in the future as a result.

Mrs Pam Hamilton (Science Technician)