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Charleston Academy Pupil Council

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Following representative elections on Friday by members of each of our Year Group Committees, our Pupil Council for 2014-15 was elected. Our new Pupil Council has a total of 17 Pupils. Two pupils are elected from each Year Group S1 to S4. Three pupils are elected from S5 and these include our Highland Youth Voice Representatives. In S6, our Head Boy, Head Girl and their Deputes are also co-opted onto the Pupil Council.

Our Highland Youth Voice representatives (voted for by our Year Group Committees) are Andrew MacLEan, 5K1 and Liam Eaton, 5T1. Please see our Pupil Voice information page for details about our procedures.

Year Group Representatives & Committees

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Last term, each Tutor Class chose their class reps through nominations and elections. Our class reps now form Year Group Committees and each Year Group Committee nominates two representatives for the Pupil Council. On Friday this week the year group committees will also be voting for their Highland Youth Voice representatives. Find our more about our arrangements for recognising and supporting our Pupil Voice HERE.

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Pupil Voice 2013-14

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Elections for our Year Group Committees took place towards the end of September. Each Tutor Group can elect up to two members for each year group committee. The document below shows the formation of the Year Group Committees for Session 2013-14.

The first task of each Year Group Committee when they meet after the October break will be to nominate and / or elect their member(s) for the whole school Pupil Council, and to co-opt a teacher representative who will support and advise the work of each committee. Our Depute Head Boy and Girl are automatically members of the S6 Committee and are joint chairs of the Pupil Council.

One member of the Pupil Council is co-opted onto the Parent Council and vice-versa.

The work of the Year Group Committees and Pupil Council will be to ensure the education and well-being of all pupils at Charleston Academy is enhanced. The various groups may look at issues such as canteen queues, homework policy, class based learning intentions, awards etc. Each group will decide on their specific focus at their first meeting. Depute Rector Miss Rona Macpherson coordinates the meetings and work of our Year Group Committees and Pupil Council. She assisted by our Youth Development Officer. Read more about our representation of the Pupil Voice HERE.

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Year Group Committees 2013-14 – Click to download