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Lead Prefect Team Interviews

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Interviews for our 2016-17 Lead Prefect Team will take place next week; Tuesday 31 May and Wednesday 1 June at the times below. Please make sure you turn up 10 minutes before your interview time which will last approximately 15 minutes. Interviews will be in Mr O’Neill’s office. If for any reason you cannot attend at the allocated interview time, you must let Mrs Cameron in Geography know immediately.

There’s a huge amount of potential talent represented by everyone who has applied. There are 12 positions to be filled. Good Luck everyone.

View our previous Lead Prefect Teams HERE.

Mr Chris O’Neill, Head Teacher

Lead Prefect Development Weekend

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Last weekend our Lead Prefect Team visited Craigower Lodge in Newtonmore. Although an outdoor centre run by Active Outdoor Pursuits, the Prefect Team were there to focus on Team-Building, Values and Leadership. They were accompanied by Ms Mairi Sutherland, Mr Brendan McMahon and Miss Rona Macpherson. The rest of the Senior Management Team visited on Saturday to lead some activities and later Miss Catherine Bain joined the group to deliver a workshop on public speaking.

This is a valuable weekend put together by Ms Sutherland, based on the type of leadership academies delivered by Columba1400 which the school also works with. The challenge for the Lead Prefect Team is to reflect, learn and develop their team and leadership capacities through the many different roles and responsibilities that they have during the session ahead.


Science Club Success

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At the recent Celebration of Science Event at Eden Court, Charleston Academy’s S6 Science Prefects excelled in several categories. Their work assisting Mrs Pam Hamilton our Science Technician is outstanding. Every Wednesday at lunchtime Mrs Hamilton and the Science Prefects run a Science Club for younger pupils to inspire, enthuse and motivate them. The Club is part of our STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths) projects and has received several grants and awards over the years. However Mrs Hamilton was delighted to see the students recognised for their part in the club.

The students won in two categories – winners of the Watt’s Watt Challenge and the prestigious Science Club of the Year for the North of Scotland, awarded by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry. They will now be put forward for the Scottish Final to be held later this year. Read more about the work of our lunchtime Science Club.

Prefect Applications

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The process of appointing our full Prefect Team for session 2015-16 has now begun. Mrs Cameron in Geography is overseeing this process which begins with applications and will be followed by interviews and collective staff references, particularly for Lead Prefect Team appointments. Please read the information on our Prefect Page, where you will also find the link to the Application Form and email address for submitting completed forms. Deadline is close of school on Monday 23 March. All S4 and S5 students are eligible to apply.

Kirking of the Council

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The Kirking of the Council is a significant annual event in the life of the City of Inverness, rooted in a tradition dating back some 400 years. It is held on the second Sunday in September each year and is an important date in the calendar of events for the City of Inverness. It is an occasion that is highly valued by the Council.

The parade includes representatives from all walks of public life within the City of Inverness. Charleston Academy participates formally every year and the school is represented by our Senior Prefects. This year, Head Boy James Hogan, Head Girl Freya Boa, and House Captains Ewan Hearns and Kirsten Law represented their school, accompanied by Depute Rector Mrs Helen Hunter.

Once again our Prefects demonstrated what outstanding ambassadors they are for the school and for young people in general.

Badaguish Prefect Leadership Weekend

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Our Lead Prefect Team have spent the weekend at Badaguish, accompanied by Ms Sutherland, Miss Macpherson, and Mr Todd. Ms Sutherland has developed a package of reflective support materials based on earlier work at Columba1400. The group departed at 4pm on Friday and spent the weekend getting to know one another better, reflecting on their appointment as a member of the lead prefect team, thinking about leadership strategies and how to enahnce their individual skills and talents to ensure the team becomes a complementary group that can leave a legacy for the school.

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All of SMT joined the group on Saturday to lead the Visual Explorer workshops. Prior to that the group had arranged a BBQ on Friday night, and been using team building skills through various activities.

Lead Prefect Team Leadership Weekend

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Our Lead Prefect Team spent the weekend at Badaguish near Aviemore, under the watchful gaze of Ms Sutherland, Miss Macpherson, and Mr Tillman. The prefects were there to build their teamwork skills and learn about the different types and applications of leadership. These will be essential skills for the Lead Prefect Team as Ambassadors for the school in their last year at Charleston Academy.

The weekend sessions were designed to offer the Lead Prefect Team a chance to explore their joint role as prefects, equip them with some skills in leading groups, and offer them the support methods and coaching techniques they might use in their important roles this session.

Mr O’Neill, Mr Stewart, and Mrs Brown spent Saturday afternoon with the group exploring values and leadership scenarios. The group catered for themselves, loved the cupcakes… A fantastic, but tiring weekend was had by all.

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Feedback and Reflection from the Lead Prefect Team

Ms Mairi Sutherland, PT Chemistry