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Nearly £9K raised for Charities by Charleston Academy

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Throughout the year at Charleston Academy we support a number of Charities in a variety of ways. During 2016 our school and community raised the huge sum of £8,956.03 for all of our chosen charities. This includes fundraising done by our YPI students (but NOT the £3k award to the winners). We also raised around £9,000 for our own Sponsored Walk. This is not included either.

Whether large or small, each fundraising venture is important in helping all of our young people understand the needs of others, the hard work done by others in our community to support those with needs and the value of money in today’s society.

During 2016 some of the  charity events included: Children in Need (£850), MacMillan (£167), Blytheswood (£2271.90), Advocacy Highland (£1,215.35), Children 1st (£2250) and many more.

Well done and thank you to everyone in our school community who supports all of these events.

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

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At the end of last term we held the finals of our Youth Philanthropy Initiative in School. This programme is run as part of our S3 RMPS Programme and at Charleston Academy we’ve been taking part for three years now.

Pupils work in small teams to research and discuss the social needs of their local community and identify a local charity that they believe is making a positive contribution. In groups they visit and find out more about the work of their charity and build relationships. They work together to create a presentation about their charity, explaining why it would benefit from a YPI donation of £3000. The group judged to have presented the most knowledgeable , impassioned and discerning case is granted £3000 toward to their charity.

Skills of teamwork, communication and presentation skills as well as an awareness of the needs of the local community are developed in the process.

This year pupils making presentations about the Gateway Trust, Morning Call, Befriender Highland and Maggies Highland all made it through to the final. Their final presentations were delivered in front of the S3 year group and invited guests from all of the many charities we worked with. Our Judges this year were Kate Morris (Chair of our Parent Council), Owen Cochrane (Lifescan), Halde Pottinger (Humanist Society) along with retired teachers Rob Seymour and Fiona Stuart. Headteacher Chris O’Neill chaired the judging panel with Ann Sim from YPI also advising.

In a very closely fought competition this year, pupils presenting on behalf of the Gateway Trust supporting Homeless people in Inverness won. Well done to everyone who took part.


During the preparations for our YPI Finals some of the pupil groups went well above and beyond what they were expected to do. Ellie Dyce, Rebecca Macintosh, Ashleigh Allison, Shana Nicholson and  Carly MacDonald who were researching for Advocacy Highland raised £1,215.35 through a variety of fundraising initiatives they ran.

Mia Pimm, Morgan MacKintosh, Rhianna Fraser-Lee along with Francesca Fraser, Holly Lyall and Kyle Nairn raised £225 for Maggie’s Highland.

A third group of Eilidh Thom, Gemma MacIver, Megan Borland, Grace Cranidge, Caitlin Graham and Kira Buchan raised a whopping £2,550 for Children 1st.

All of the groups who raised additional funds for their chose charity received special medals from RMPS teacher Mrs Carol Mackenzie and YPI Coordinator Mrs Ann Sim.

Christmas Charity at Charleston

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£8,794.89 raised for charity by Charleston Academy in 2015.

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Mr David Donaldson from the Salvation Army in Inverness at each of our House Assemblies this week. David has spoke to pupils about the challenging work the Salvation Army faces, particularly at Christmas. Pupils got a small insight into the work that people like David do for others in our community. David explained how his faith provided him with the courage he needed to do the work he does.

After each assembly David was also able to take away several hampers of food that had been collected by each of our Registration Tutor Groups. A huge amount of food was collected this year and is now being delivered to those in our community that appreciate this small gift from us at this time of year. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Special mention must go to Sarah McKenna (5S2) and Ryan McKenna (2S1). Both filled a hamper each. Well done.

It is also important at this time of year to reflect on the huge amount of work that pupils, staff, parents and others in our school community have done to support us in the work we do with various charities. This year we’ve supported the British Heart Foundation, Comic Relief, Jeans for Genes, Maggies, Macmillan and Children in Need to name but a few.  This year we have raised the huge total of £8,794.89 for all of our supported charities. This total does not include the additional amount we raised for The British Legion Poppy Appeal or the monies being raised by pupils taking part in Project Trust. Well done everyone and thank you to Mrs Pam Carmichael in English who coordinated our Hamper Appeal.

Charity Support: over £1600 for Three Charities

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During this term Charleston Academy traditionally supports two important charities: Jeans for Genes and MacMillan Cancer Support. Both of these charities are supported by the school due to close personal associations that some of our staff have with them.

On Friday 18th September we held our first dress down day of the session in aid of Jeans for Genes. £493 was raised for the charity.

Yesterday, Friday 2 October we belatedly took part in the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” for MacMillan Cancer Support. (A week late as last Friday was an In-service Day.) We were delighted that Mr Mike Mathieson, Executive Chef with the Albert Roux Consultancy came into school to assist students in Home Economics to make scones, traybakes and other cakes to sell in the foyer at interval and lunchtime.

Staff also played their part with a “coffee morning” in the staff room at interval with a huge assortment of home-baking available for a donation. There was also a raffle including a £25 Pizza Express Voucher. Thanks to everyone who has donated prizes.

On Friday we also welcomed Mr Andrew Benjamin from Maggies Centre in Inverness. Andrew will received a cheque for £600. This is the proceeds from our successful Albert Roux Charity Dinner held a few weeks ago. The money will be used at the Maggie’s Centre at Raigmore.

Thank you to everyone in the community who continues to support this aspect of the work of the school, its staff and pupils.


Mary’s Meals & Charity at Charleston

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This week we have two major charity events. Our 2015 Albert Roux Dinner will raise money for Maggies Highland Cancer Care in Inverness. This Friday 18 September, we are having one of our many dress down days to raise money for Jeans for Genes.

Charleston Academy recently raised a superb total of £859 for the Scottish charity Mary’s Meals. This charity now feeds over one million children in a school setting every day. The simple basis; a meal is provided in school (from the locally grown crop) drawing starving children into much needed education every day in countries such as Liberia, Malawi, Haiti and India. As little as around £12 pays for a child to be fed in school for an entire year.

Delicious cakes were baked and sold last term by a dedicated team of fundraisers, mainly seniors but some super bakers from S1 contributed too. Class teachers kindly agreed to having ‘wee boxes’ in their classrooms for donations. Sponsors were also sought as two enthusiastic seniors and a teacher cycled along the canal.

The vision of Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the founder of Mary’s Meals, is that there should be no child suffering hunger when there is enough food in the world for us all. This idea was taken on board when many S1 pledged to forgo one of their Easter eggs, choosing instead to donate to ‘Phil the Bear’ in RMPS.  In just a few weeks the fundraising team achieved this great total and raised some awareness too of a charity with an idea that really works.

Ms Kathleen Marshall, English Department

Charity at Charleston Academy

Charleston Academy supports many fundraising initiatives throughout the year. As well as fundraising for our own school fund to pay for all of extra / wider curricular initiatives, our mini-bus, and to subsidise some of our trips and visits, we are also ardent supporters of many charities.

In 2014, our Charleston Academy and its community raised well in excess of £8000 for charity through various events and we are well on our way to surpass that this year.

This week we have two major charity events. Our 2015 Albert Roux Dinner will raise money for Maggies Highland Cancer Care in Inverness. This Friday 18 September, we are having one of our many dress down days to raise money for Jeans for Genes.

Also in September we will have the official launch of our Youth Philanthropy Initiative undertaken by our young people in S3 RMPS. This programme will see £3000 donated to a charity chosen and studied by pupils in S3 RMPS.

Additionally, we support Mary’s Meals, Comic Relief, Children in Need, Sport Relief, MacMillan Cancer, Movember, and of course the annual British Legion Poppy Appeal.

We also raise significant sums for our partnership with Lotsane Senior Secondary School and the hospitals, nurseries and orphanages in the town of Palapye in Botswana that we visit every two years. .

Other charities are supported from time to time, but we must limit the overall amount of fundraising we do in order not to diminish and spread too thinly the goodwill of everyone in our community. From time to time pupils undertake fundraising on their own which we support and publicise. We also commit to supporting any pupils selected for the Project Trust or similar initiatives. Unfortunately this means requests to support additional charities to those we already support may have to be turned down.

Charity at Charleston

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As a school Charleston Academy supports various local and national charities through our school fundraising. During our Christmas House Assemblies in the last week of term our House Captains were joined by David Donaldson from the Salvation Army to reflect on the theme of Giving at Christmas. During 2014 the school has raised over £5,000 for various charities. These include Sport Relief, Children in Need, MacMillan Cancer, Jeans for Genes, Movember Men’s Health, as well as our own Connecting Classrooms charitable exchange with Botswana.

Additionally, this year we have been running the Youth Philanthropy Initiative through our S4 Core RMPS classes. YPI is an international initiative designed to support young people in developing community awareness. Students are taught about philanthropy and charity through an experience of giving that highlights the positive impact they can have on their community. Students work in teams to research the needs of their community and identify a local charity they believe is best placed to make a positive change.

Students will use their research to make presentations on the reasons that their chosen charity is most deserving of support. The team judged to have made the most compelling presentation will be given a £3,000 YPI Grant to award to their charity.

During this process, students develop skills in research, analysis, presentation, and communication, which all contribute to a student’s growth and confidence.

In this first year of YPI at Charleston judging took place on Tuesday 16 December in front of all S3 pupils. The finalists faced a panel of eight judges. The winners were HUG (Highland Users Group) and winner of the £3000 awards from the Wood Family Trust. SiMBA won second prize of £150 and Cantbaybridge College won 3rd prize of £100. 2nd and 3rd prizes were donated by Charleston Academy Parent Council.

Morvern Carmichael (3S2) and, Riosin MacDougall (3S2) members of the winning team said:

“HUG is a charity which works to improve the care and facilities for Mental Health Patients in the Highlands and Islands. We have learned so much over the past few months because of the YPI programme. We believe mental health is an issue that should be addressed more openly, both in school and in the wider community. HUG battle to prevent stigma against mental health issues which affect one in four of the population, both young and old. HUG seeks to educate and inform people about mental health and how it affects people.”

We are excited to be one of the schools across Scotland to be participating in YPI and hope that you agree this is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to take part in this exciting initiative.

Mrs Carol Mackenzie, Teacher of Religious, Moral, and Philosophical Studies

Morvern Carmichael (3S2)

Morvern Carmichael (3S2)

Roisin MacDougall (3S2)

Roisin MacDougall (3S2)