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Big Green Challenge Debate 2015

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Three teams from Charleston Academy took part in The Big Green Challenge Debate on Friday 8th May. The debate centred on both renewable and nuclear energy and the roles they will play in providing Scotland with a secure energy future.

The full day competition of quarter finals, semi-finals and Grand Final were held at an event, organised by The Inverness Science Festival, at The Inverness Leisure Centre.

Teams from Alness Academy , Nairn Academy, Inverness Royal Academy and Charleston Academy took part.

After beating off stiff competition, two teams from Charleston made it through to the Grand Final. This is the third year in a row that Charleston Academy has been victorious!

Well done to all our debaters: Morvern Carmichael, Cameron Cochrane, Stuart Hamilton, Anna Knox, Caragh Gallagher, Robert Thorne, Samantha Cochrane, Paige MacLellan and Rosie Gittings

Ms Kay Storey, English Department

Big Green Challenge 2014

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On the 4th of November we embarked on a trip to Cornwall to see the Eden Project and stay in Woodland Valley Eco Farm. We won this fantastic opportunity to visit Cornwall after we competed in a Scottish schools debating competition earlier on in the year. The Big Green Challenge focuses on Scotland’s big renewable questions.  We were victorious after a hard won  battle with close rivals Portree in the grand final at Holyrood.

We arrived at Newquay airport to a surprisingly warm November morning and continued  with a drive past Cornwall’s many amazing sights such as its beaches and the Roach Rock, finally arriving at Woodland Valley eco-farm. We visited the two local wind turbines straining to hear their soft whirr. We then met the different animals on the farm such as the cute dogs Tally and Jo-Jo and the massive bull Bisto. Our meals were prepared beautifully by  farmer Chris our host, and Dominic a young German working at the farm.

After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast we headed to the Eden Project. There were six plastic domes, the tallest of which was an astounding fifty metres tall! Our tour guide Neil showed us around the rainforest biome, developing our knowledge of the plants all around us. Inside the biome we learnt all about the monstrosities going on in our world’s rainforests today which is putting them at risk of complete destruction. We tried the delicious baobab fruit drink which is the most nutritious food on the planet. Over the whole day we experienced all weather extremes from the humidity of the rainforest, the cool breeze of the Mediterranean and finally feeling the cold chill of the Artic while ice skating on the seasonal ice rink.

Our stay was brought to a close with a bonfire night bonanza in a field a small walk from the farm. Chris, Dominic and the community put on a fabulous display from rockets to roman candles to an amazing Catherine wheel. Our trip to Cornwall was magnificent!

by Cameron Cocharane (2T2), Stuart Hamilton (2T2), Morvern Carmichael (3S2), Jemimah Morris (4L2), and Kieran Watts (4K2)

Big Green Challenge

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Congratulations to the Charleston Debaters who won the Scottish Final of the Big Green Challenge at the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. The team, consisting of Stuart Hamilton (2T2), Morvern Carmichael (3S2), Jemimah Morris (4L2), and Cameron Cochrane (2T2) beat seven other schools to win the final for the third time, and the second year in a row. Well done everyone.



Big Green Challenge

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Congratulations to our Debating Team. Jemimah Morris (3L2), Morvern Carmichael (2S2), Kieran Watts (3K2) and Cameron Cochrane (1T2) fought off strong competition from schools from across the north of Scotland to secure a place in the Final which will be held in Holyrood on 20th June.

Big Green Challenge 2013 Winners

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BGC Winners 2013Congratulations to Jemimah Morris (2L2), Katie Stark (2L2), and Morven Carmichael (1S2) who have won the Big Green Challenge renewable energy debate at the Scottish Parliament. A fantastic achievement for the girls and Charleston Debating Club as this is now the second time in three years that we have won this very prestigious event. Unfortunately team mate Kieran Watts (2K2) was unable to make the trip to Edinburgh.

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Big Green Challengers on top form

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Charleston Academy debating club has taken part in the Big Green Challenge for the past three years and in each and every year the school team has made it to the Scottish finals. Two years Charleston Academy won the national competition and the pupils won a trip to Spain to learn more about renewable energy.

It’s great that our success continues. The 2013 Big Green Challenge Team of Kieran Watts (2K2), Jemimah Morris (2L2), Katie Stark (2K2) and Morvern Carmichael (1S2) headed to Highlands and Islands Enterprise HQ in Forres to take part in their heat. The team were on top form beating off a strong challenge from Lossiemouth High School.

As a result they will now go on to the Finals in the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood on Friday 7th June. Well done!

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