Mr Michael Sharkey (Principal Teacher)

Miss Ailsa Whitelaw
Mrs Pam Hamilton (Technician)

Physics has been shaping our lives for hundreds of years and continues to do so. It attempts to answer the big questions such as; how did the universe begin? What is the future of our universe? What is all matter made from?

Physics is used in every sphere of human activity including, space exploration, medicine, renewable energy, sports, entertainment and much more. For example, Mobile phones, the internet and games consoles were made possible by an understanding of physics.

At Charleston Academy we endeavour to instil a lifelong passion in scientific discovery by introducing our pupils to exciting and relevant topics through experimental and theoretical classwork. Pupils in S3 –S6 may study Physics from Nat 4 up to Advanced Higher level.

Choosing to study physics can open so many doors for future careers, including jobs in Astronomy, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Science, Law & Finance, Sports Science, Sound engineering, Aviation and even becoming an Astronaut!

Physics attempts to answer the BIG Questions