Modern Languages


Miss Yvonne Gunn (Principal Teacher of Languages)

Mrs Sylvie Robinson
Mrs Kirsty Bremner

A knowledge of Modern Languages is invaluable in all walks of life. Not only are languages essential for communication, but they also provide a greater understanding of one’s own mother tongue and of other cultures.

At Charleston, there is an emphasis on the practical use of the language. We encourage interaction as much as possible, as well as providing a sound grammatical knowledge. Pupils have opportunities to use language in different contexts such as viewing films and attending multilingual debates.

The department invited French Chef Albert Roux to come to the school in 2009. Since then, Home Economics pupils have benefitted greatly from the link.

Whatever future lies for Europe, as Britain’s major trading partner, a knowledge of European languages will always be a great asset and provide our youngsters with a head start in a competitive market.