Miss Catherine Bain (Principal Teacher)

Mr Alex Matheson
Mr Robert MacLean

George Santayana is paraphrased as saying “Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them”. In the History Department we strive to teach the successes and failures of the past to help pupils become the responsible citizens of the future.

Our pupils live in a world where the media rules. We aim to give them the tools to understand why information is written in a particular way and to develop critical thinking skills which will allow them to analyse sources they come across in their daily lives.

We endeavour, while teaching content through the BGE of Curriculum for Excellence, to develop skills of interpretation, comparison, extended writing, working with others and debate. Pupils will cover topics ranging from the Caledonian Canal, on our doorstep, to the lives of people in Egypt, America and Africa.

Pupils at Charleston have the option to continue to study history through National 4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher where skills learnt in the lower school are further extended.

In the department we aim to excite and inspire our pupils through our own enthusiasm and offering opportunities to study the subject out with the classroom. The History Department tries to give this to all year groups whether it is through local museum visits, visiting speakers or foreign trips. We want all pupils to see that history is not a dead subject but something that comes to life when you learn more.

“A generation which ignores history has no past … and no future.”
Robert Heinlein

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