Miss Yvonne Gunn (Principal Teacher of Languages)



Gaelic (Learners) is offered to pupils at Charleston Academy from S1 up to Advanced Higher. When pupils choose to study Gaelic in S1, no prior knowledge of the language is assumed.

Learning Gaelic contributes to pupils’ wider education and life experiences. The study of Gaelic supports them to gain a deeper understanding of Gaelic language, culture and heritage. Pupils will also learn about Scotland’s place in the wider world and see themselves as global citizens. Pupils follow the Curriculum for Excellence framework of experiences and outcomes to heighten their awareness of what is special, vibrant and valuable about Gaelic language and culture.

Pupils at Charleston Academy use Gaelic in real and relevant contexts. They have opportunities to hear, speak, read and write in Gaelic in a variety of contexts whilst accessing a range of texts. To increase pupils’ confidence and feeling of success, they have opportunities to practise their newly acquired language with fluent Gaelic speakers as well as with other Gaelic learners when possible. They will see a purpose to their language learning and develop skills that they can use and enjoy in work and leisure throughout their lives.

A number of pupils who have followed Gaelic (Learners) courses at Charleston Academy have gone on to use the language on Further Education courses and in employment.

There are many careers that can be accessed through a sound knowledge of Gaelic, such as Teaching, Travel and Tourism, Broadcasting, Journalism, Local Government, Heritage Work, Publishing, Administration and Youth and Community Work. Having knowledge of Gaelic will also provide pupils with linguistic skills that will help them to acquire other languages in later life.