Mrs Pam Carmichael (Principal Teacher)

Mrs Sarah King
Mr Neil MacGregor
Mrs Kathleen Marshall
Mr Sam Todd
Dr Greg Campbell

“Read in order to live”
Gustave Flaubert

Being literate lies at the heart of all learning.  For pupils to access all curricular areas they need to be able to read, write, talk and listen. These are the key skills of the English Course at Charleston Academy. Pupils will develop their ability to contribute and communicate effectively in a range of contexts. Studying English will provide pupils with skills that will not only serve them well at school but also in the world beyond.

We aim to foster a love of reading, which is initiated with the Power Readers programme in S1 and S2. In class pupils will read prose, poetry, drama and media texts. At all levels of the curriculum Close Reading is a key skill where pupils develop their techniques in analysis and evaluation. Pupils also respond to texts by writing Critical Essays. They are also given opportunities to develop their own texts, both written and spoken encouraging them to develop language skills through producing creative, discursive and transactional responses. The media plays an increasing role in our society and it plays an increasing emphasis in our course structures. Pupils are actively encouraged to use mobile phones in class to access downloaded dictionaries and thesauruses.

In S1-S3 we offer a CfE Broad General Education. In S3 pupils will engage in a Bridging the Gap course as launch pad to either National 4 or 5. Beyond S4 pupils study Higher and Advanced Higher. We also offer an alternative curriculum in S5: Communication 3 and a Skills for Work Programme.

We aim to recognise the wider achievement of pupils and will offer a Scottish Studies Award. The department is actively involved with the Debating Club, the Creative Writing Club and several national writing competitions that celebrate pupils’ achievements beyond the classroom.

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Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader”
W Fusselman