Business & Enterprise


Mr Brendon McMahon (Principal Teacher)

Miss Heather Macrae

Business Education plays a pivotal role in developing young people with positive attitudes towards innovation, enterprise, entrepreneurship and the world of work.

Within the Business Education Department at Charleston Academy, we aim to offer our pupils a wide range of experiences to help pupils develop skills for life, skills for work and skills for learning. We also aim to inspire our pupils through a range of teaching approaches to ensure all our pupils reach their full potential.

At Charleston Academy, pupils study Business Education in S1 to S3 as part of the broad general education offered to all pupils. As Scotland has a long and proud tradition of inventiveness and enterprise, pupils cover a range of topics including Scottish Entrepreneurs and Business Planning. These topics allow pupils to build on their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Pupils have the option to further study Administration & IT and Business Management at National 4, National 5 and Higher level.

Administration & IT

The key purpose of Administration & IT is to develop pupils administrative and IT skills to enable them to contribute to the effective functioning of organisations. Administration & IT also helps develop a range of skills such as literacy, numeracy, thinking and employability skills which are all essential for learning, life and work.

Business Management

Business Management will allow pupils to gain an awareness of why society relies on businesses and how different organisations satisfy our needs and wants. Pupils will also gain knowledge to key areas within businesses such as finance, human resources, marketing and operations.

As well as developing the four capacities and skills for life, work and learning, pupils will also develop and build on their presentation, communication, enterprise and employ-ability skills.