Mr Shaun Foster (Principal Teacher)

Mrs Val Macrae
Miss Lauren Davey
Mrs Pam Hamilton (Technician)

What makes biology the most exciting science amongst other things is diversity. Biologists seek to unravel the mystery of living organisms form biomolecules to ecosystems.

From the earliest humans who relied on plant recognition and predator behaviour in their survival to the modern day when the manipulation of genetic information to produce new plants and cures for diseases.

All of life is interconnected in some way from the smallest bacteria to the largest animal or plant. There is a natural wonder about life and how it works and biology attempts to unravel this story.

Biology cannot be separated from other sciences as all living organisms must follow the rules of the physical world and rely on chemical reactions. Biology cannot be separated from maths and technology as nature had been using principles from both of these long before humans could speak.

Biology has a grandeur all of its own, from the complexity of individual cells to the ecosystems around the globe. Not only a science but a place to find inspiration and relaxation. IT entices us in to see how it all works and spurs us on to work with the natural world to solve many of today’s problems.

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Biology is the Life Science
and the
Science of Life