Art & Design


Mr Derek Sim (Acting Principal Teacher)

Mrs Fiona Corrance
Miss Shona McGibbon

Art and Design surrounds us in our everyday lives – from graphic design and iconic logos to buildings and architecture to some of the most famous paintings and sculptures in the world – someone has created and developed an idea and made it a reality.

We hope to equip the students with the necessary knowledge, skills, self-confidence and adaptability to cope with the demands of a changing society through a variety of learning experiences and to motivate all levels of ability by providing opportunities for possible self-expression.

We endeavor to help pupils to develop creative, sensory and manipulative skills in Art and Design using a variety of media, and through the use of technology.

We create an awareness of the influences of the visual arts and design – historical, contemporary and multicultural upon youngster’s lives and that of the community.

The pupils are able to study Art and Design through-out their secondary education from the Common Course in S1 to National Courses, Higher and Advanced Higher, Higher Photography and Folio Preparation in S6. We have a high success rate of pupils gaining entry to Schools of Art, Textiles and Architecture based on the folio work produced within the Department.

We continue to work together with the Home Economics, Music and Technology Departments on a number of projects throughout the academic year.

We hold an Annual S1 Exhibition in November and have also exhibited pupils work in a variety of locations across Inverness.