The Curriculum in Charleston Academy is divided into eight areas. This allows learning to be organised in such a way that it remains broad and balanced but also provides opportunities for pupils to personalise their learning as they progress from S1 through to S6. This means pupils can specialise and choose subjects to study in greater depth, particularly in the senior school in S4, S5 and S6.

Within the eight curriculum areas are a range of subject departments. Importantly, each subject department is led by a Principal Teacher who oversees the development of the curriculum; is responsible for learning,  teaching, and assessment within their subject area; and who is responsible for overall quality assurance in their department.

Increasingly, staff in each subject area work together, or sometimes out with their subject completely, delivering a broader curriculum that might include enterprise, citizenship and sustainable development. In S2 for example, pupils at Charleston Academy study a range of short courses. These can include such diverse topics as bicycle maintenance, CSI Charleston, or cake decorating.

All subject departments and teachers have an important responsibility to deliver Literacy and Numeracy Skills as well as the promotion of Health and Well-Being.

Follow the links on the left to find out more about our departments and the subjects they offer. In addition, our excellent departmental blogs (hosted independently) provide excellent resources for pupils, homework materials, and additional links. Teachers will normally have given pupils specific instructions on how to access and make-use any of the blogs on the left, but anyone can view them.