S1 Hockey

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S1 Hockey

On Wednesday 25th September the S1 hockey team travelled to Millburn Academy to play a 7 aside game. The first half of the game went really well, we were all quite nervous, with some girls playing their first ever hockey match. We worked really well together and at the end of the half the score was 3-2 to Millburn.

The second half of the game started well, with us scoring another great goal. Spirits were high but unfortunately it wasn’t enough, as the game went on Millburn scored another great goal making the final score 4-3. The goal scorers for our team were Nicola Rattray and Alice Fraser.

Thank you to, Nicola Rattray, Alice Fraser, Catherine De Venny, Ella Pacey, Niamh Macklenzie, Cody Ross and Katherine Maclellan for a great first match. We are all Looking forward to our next game.

Alice Fraser, 1K1

Alice Fraser, 1K1

Knitting for Botswana

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Last year the Botswana 2012 Team delivered handmade knitted Baby Outfits to the Maternity Hospital in Palapye.

Pictured here are Mr Seloke (Art) and Ms Didimalang (Biology) with a selection of the knitted outfits. These will be taken to Palapye on their return journey with Miss Sutherland and Ms Sutherland.

A special thank you to Grace MacKenzie (Support for Learning) for her huge contribution of jumpers, hats and blankets.

A “Knitting for Botswana Babies Group 2014” has started knitting already.

Staff and Pupils keen to participate have been asked to bring along double knitting yarn – ( not white or pastel colours ) and 5mm or 4.5mm knitting needles.

For any parents who would like to contribute the knitting patterns are available to download HERE.

Any donations of wool or needles would also be gratefully received.

Ms Marj Macleod (Principal Teacher, Art)

Running for Diabetes

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Well done to Team Sugar Rush  for raising well over £13,000 in this year’s Loch Ness Marathon Festival of Running. Ten former or current Charleston Academy staff were part of the team, raising funds for diabetes research. The fundraising drive is organised by former PE teacher Amanda Croall who left Charleston Academy last session following illness complicated by her diabetes. Amanda took part in the marathon this year, along with staff members, Mr Ryan Macintosh, Mrs Kirsty Dillon, Mr Russell McFee, Mr Alex Mezals, Miss Jacqueline Bissett, and Miss Tara Jaffrey and others. Well done everyone.


European Day of Languages

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Charleston Academy celebrated the European Day of Languages on Thursday 26th September.  This annual event celebrates the diversity of culture and language in Europe.  This year, the canteen provided popular European dishes all week, we had European bunting displayed in the canteen, hall and language classrooms and cupcakes decorated with European flags were available at break.  All tutor groups took part in the ‘Good Morning’ quiz, where pupils had to correctly identify ‘good morning’ in a range of European languages.  Congratulations to 2T, 3K2, 5S1 and 6L who were the winners of this year’s quiz.

Merci beaucoup et mòran taing to our S6 language prefects who helped to organise this successful celebration – Kharis MacPhee, Charlotte Wilde and Rachel McCoach.

Rachel McCoach, 6T

Rachel McCoach, 6T

Charlotte Wilde, 6S

Charlotte Wilde, 6S

Kharis MacPhee, 6T

Kharis MacPhee, 6T

S1 Poetry Day Winners

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On Thursday 3rd October, S1 English Classes held a poetry competition to mark national Poetry Day. The theme this year was water. Well done to the winners from each S1 class.

Pupil Voice 2013-14

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Elections for our Year Group Committees took place towards the end of September. Each Tutor Group can elect up to two members for each year group committee. The document below shows the formation of the Year Group Committees for Session 2013-14.

The first task of each Year Group Committee when they meet after the October break will be to nominate and / or elect their member(s) for the whole school Pupil Council, and to co-opt a teacher representative who will support and advise the work of each committee. Our Depute Head Boy and Girl are automatically members of the S6 Committee and are joint chairs of the Pupil Council.

One member of the Pupil Council is co-opted onto the Parent Council and vice-versa.

The work of the Year Group Committees and Pupil Council will be to ensure the education and well-being of all pupils at Charleston Academy is enhanced. The various groups may look at issues such as canteen queues, homework policy, class based learning intentions, awards etc. Each group will decide on their specific focus at their first meeting. Depute Rector Miss Rona Macpherson coordinates the meetings and work of our Year Group Committees and Pupil Council. She assisted by our Youth Development Officer. Read more about our representation of the Pupil Voice HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.02.34

Year Group Committees 2013-14 – Click to download


Global Exchange

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The first phase of our Connecting Classrooms Global Exchange finished this afternoon. Visiting teachers from Lotsane Senior Secondary School in Palapye, Botswana have spent the past week here at Charleston Academy. Mr Seloke has been teaching in the Art Department and Ms Didimalang has been teaching in Biology and helping in Science classes. Both teachers were also able to visit Kirkhill Primary School on Monday where they met Primary classes and were able to describe some of the main differences between our two cultures.

Phase Two of the programme is now underway. On Wednesday Ms Sutherland (PT Chemistry) and Mrs Sutherland (Art Department) left with our guests, making the return trip to Botswana. Our staff will now spend 10 days teaching their subjects at Lotsane Senior Secondary.

National Poetry Day 3rd October 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 18.13.15Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 18.12.52

The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day in Scotland is Water.

Scotland has 9,911 km of coastline and over 31,000 freshwater lochs, so, of course, water has always been a great inspiration to Scottish poets who, from the early Middle Ages to the present day, have been creating inspiring verse that captures the essence of our magnificent country.

To celebrate National Poetry Day 2013, S1 English classes will be taking part in a poetry quiz. Prizes will be awarded to winning teams who demonstrate both their knowledge of poetry and their skills in writing poetry.

These two poems explore the importance of water.

In the Gaelic poem ‘Rudan a ni uisge’, Maoilios Caimbeul writes of the importance of water to the natural scheme of our world. In ‘Rain’ Don Paterson sheds new light on a natural resource that we are all too familiar with here in Scotland.

Mrs Kay Storey, English Department

Monster FM

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Third and fourth year Gaelic pupils recently took part in the Gaelic radio show Beò which is broadcast on Monster FM. This is a request show where pupils introduce themselves and ask for their favourite songs to be played. Ex-pupil and Monster FM presenter Niall Simpson came to Charleston Academy to record pupils. If you would like to hear our pupils on the radio, the programmes can be accessed HERE.


Uilebheist FM

Bho chionn ghoirid, ghabh sgoilearan air an treas agus air a’ cheathramh bliadhna pairt anns a’ phrògram rèidio Gàidhlig Beò a tha a’ dol a-mach air Uilebheist FM.  ‘S e prògram dhùrachdan a tha seo agus dh’innis gach sgoilear an ainm agus an t-òran as fheàrr leotha.  B’ e preasantair a’ phrògraim seann sgoilear à Acadamaidh Bhaile Theàrlaich, Niall Simpson agus thàinig esan air ais dhan sgoil airson sgoilearan a chlàradh.  Ma tha sibh airson èisteachd ris na sgoilearan air na prògraman, cluinnidh sibh iad aig:


Sponsored Walk 2013

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Sponsor Money for our 2013 Sponsored Walk is being collected in this week. Once again we have over £10,000 pledged, which is a fantastic achievement once again. The amount collected usually always exceeds the amount pledged, and this money goes into our school fund to support our extensive and varied wider curriculum, which without additional funding, might not run. Thank you to everyone for assisting, participating, sponsoring or taking part in any other way. Pupils and staff alike had a great day out, the weather was superb, and spirits high.

Once again Mr Corrance has excelled in the production of the film of the day below. Enjoy.