Sponsored Walk 2019

Well done to all who took part in the Sponsored Walk on Friday. We were very lucky with the weather. Below is a photo of the Fancy Dress contest.

Thank you in advance for your sponsor money that supports the School Fund.


Around 2,500 amazing people volunteer to be part of the Children’s Panel in Scotland.

We’re here to make sure all of Highland’s infants, children and young people feel safe, loved, valued and respected. It’s an important and responsible role that is hugely rewarding.

This year, Highland Panel needs lots of people like you to come forward and apply.

2019’s Panel Member recruitment campaign runs until, and including, 17 September so you need to take action soon.


Panel Members take part in children’s hearings. They listen to and make important legal decisions with and for children and young people in Scotland.


Skills including team work, leadership and a nationally recognised qualification. Plus, you’ll be supporting children and young people in your local community.


In a word – YOU.  There’s no one type of person or background that makes the ideal volunteer Panel Member. We want people who are good listeners, are compassionate and caring.

This year, Highland needs volunteers for the Children’s Panel in all areas of the Highland Council.

If you are interested in joining us, please go online and apply before the 18th of September to www.childrenspanelscotland.org      We look forward to hearing from you.     

BGE Open Night Presentation


Duke of Edinburgh

Well done to the Bronze Award Winners.

Blood donation

Kirking of the Council

Liam and Morgan represented Charleston Academy today at the Kirking of the Council.

Senior Open Night 4th September

The presentation for the Senior Open Night is below. This has information about ways to support your child through the qualification phase of their education.


Charleston Pupil Achievements

Well done to Sophie Macrae & Isla Ross who took part in the World Highland Dancing Championships at Cowal, Dunoon.

Sophie had a very successful time receiving a medal in every dance over the two days, and winning 4th place champion in the Scottish National Championships.

Aidan Lennan – GB Team Kickboxing

Aidan time off to attend the WAKO Children’s, Cadets and Junior European Championships this past week.

Aidan fought well and in his first category and just fell short of a podium place in the quarter finals. However, he was then picked to compete in the team event and won his bout against Ireland and was then beaten by Hungary in the semi finals, so he’s returning with a very respectable bronze medal. Well done!

Rural Skills S3/4 Crop Production

This week both Rural Skills classes saw the culmination of their crop production unit. Pupils have been growing crops in the school garden, with potatoes and tomatoes being this session’s produce. The pupils planted, cared for, harvested and then cooked the potatoes as part of their course. They learn the skills and knowledge of farming through hand’s on lessons in the garden. We currently have four outside beds and a polytunnel, with more beds being built. All S4 pupils are also involved in hospitality with Mrs Fraser and are using those skills to create meals with the produce.

The S4 class chose a staple of Sausage, Mash and Gravy and thoroughly enjoyed eating their meal. The S3 pupils made Bombay Potatoes and decided to make three batches, each with a different spice level and most had a try of the very spicy one.

This work allows the pupils to pass one of four sections of the course which will see them accredited with a National 4 qualification if fully completed. We are planning to make fruit crumble with the apples and blackberries from the Arches garden and are waiting for our pumpkins to grow so we will see where the garden takes us next.

With thanks to the two PSA’s Sue Hodgson and Fiona Seymour, who’s kitchen skills were appreciated, and Alison Fraser who allowed us to use a kitchen and gave advice on the cooking. Miss Bain

Crest Awards – well done!

The pupils above completed a project about transporting tomatoes down a mountain side to take to market.  They have each received a CREST discovery award for their work.

From left to right it is Scott Cameron, Ryan Gosling, Danielle Cameron, Tom Burnett and Andrew Jaffray.