Pupil Planner

Reflective Learning

Every Pupil at Charleston Academy receives a Learning Log. There are different documents for pupils in S1 – S3 and senior students in S4-6 mirroring the way the curriculum is organised.

S1-S3 Learning Log

Homework Planner and Study Guide. From Session 2015-16 this has been split into two separate documents. The first is a pupil handbook featuring advice and guidance about Charleston Academy. The second is a term-by-term planner which has been redesigned and is in the format of a Learning Log. As we encourage all of our young people to take responsibility for their own learning, Register Tutors and Guidance staff will work with pupils and their teachers to ensure the Learning Log is completed as a reflective journal and planner. At the end of S3 pupils must write their Pupil Profiles – Learning Logs must be kept in order to help with this. All pupils receive an A5 wallet to keep both documents in.

Both documents can be downloaded below.

Senior Learning Log

The Senior Learning Log is designed to be used in Personal Support Classes. Senior Students are responsible for completing their own Learning Log / Journal. The log forms the basis of learning conversations that take place in Personal Support classes or with other teachers.  The Senior Learning Log can be downloaded HERE. The Learning Log is issued termly and should be retained.


The front page of the planner is always the overall award winner at the annual S1 Art exhibition from the year before. As well as becoming the front page of the following sessions’ planner, the work is also displayed formally in Mr O’Neill’s office for the entire session.

Planner Cover 2015-16

Kern Robertson (1S1) won the 2014 Art Exhibition competition. Her work is on the cover of the handbook section of the planner.

S1-S3 Learning Log

Pupils in S1 – S3 are issued with a Learning Log. This is a separate document so that it can be updated each term.