Dress Code

At Charleston Academy we believe it is important for all of our young people to follow our policy on school dress at all times. By wearing dress code pupils show that they identify with the school and that they accept and strive to reach the standards that we expect of everyone. We want pupils at Charleston Academy to be proud of the skills and abilities they are developing and to show it by wearing the school dress code.

All pupils must wear at least one visible logoed item or a school tie (provided free) at all times in school. Senior Pupils must wear a school tie and we encourage S4 pupils to wear one too. Prefects must wear the school blazer.
Any pupil representing Charleston Academy or participating in an event out of school must always be in full school dress code.


We work in partnership with Highland Schoolwear (25 Academy Street) and Gilmour Sports (57 Harbour Road) to provide a bespoke range of dress code items. Items can be ordered in those shops or online at SchoolWearMadeEasy.

Highland Schoolwear / Gimour Sports offer a 10% discount on items bought before 18 July. See this ORDER FORM.

Klas Klothing also provide a range of bespoke items with our school logo.

Additionally, other local shops and supermarkets sell suitable dress code items for very reasonable prices. Together with iron-on embroidered logos and/or a school tie (both of which are provided free on request by the school) these are also fully compliant dress code items.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the Highland Council Application Form for clothing grants and free school meals. Grants of up to £50 per year are available for eligible families to purchase dress code items.


  • Our dress-code sets the correct tone for the working day. It contributes to the settled, orderly atmosphere essential for effective learning and teaching.
  • Our clear dress code removes the pressure on parents to buy expensive designer clothes for their children to wear to school.
  • Our dress code was developed by a working group of pupils, parents, teachers and others from our community and was agreed by all. It therefore has the support of pupils, parents and members of the community who feel that it improves the image of the school.
  • Members of our community, whether shopkeepers, parents, the police, or members of the public can identify pupils as young people from Charleston Academy.

Our Policy on Dress Code is kept continually under review. Pupils recently staged a fashion show at Assemblies and the Primary 7 Parent Information Evening to highlight the wide variety of different logoed items that are available as part of our dress code.

What is our Dress Code?

  • Appropriate shoes (Black must be worn when representing the school / at school events)
  • Black trousers
  • Black school skirt
  • Black / navy / grey hooded sweatshirt with logo
  • Black V-neck jumper/cardigan with logo
  • White / Black / Grey / Navy or Pale Blue Shirt and school tie (Prefects)
  • School t-shirt (Black or White with logo)
  • Fitted long or short sleeved top (Black or White with logo)
  • School polo-shirt (White or Black with logo)

All pupils are expected to wear dress code at all times and have at least one visible logoed item or a school tie, which is provided free upon request. Prefects must wear black or more formal shoes, a shirt and tie and blazers during normal school time. A v-neck black sweater can be worn under the blazer too.

The following items are NOT permitted

  • Anything displaying advertising, slogans or logos
  • denim or jeans of any description
  • tracksuit trousers and tops
  • football strips / scarves
  • branded wear items
  • leggings / thick tights / jeggings etc in place of a skirt or trousers


Our PE Department require that all pupils bring separate clothes for PE (shorts and T shirt for example). There is no formal PE kit required. Pupils participating in competitions outwith school may have to wear a specific kit though. Please see our PE Kit Policy for more information.