Adverse Weather & School Closures

At any time of severe weather, the final decision about whether a pupil attends school when we are open rests with their parents or carer.
A letter summarising most of the information below was issued to all pupils in November. Download a copy HERE. Highland Council’s arrangements for all schools can be found HERE.

At times of adverse weather the safety of pupils and all staff is our prime consideration. However it is the responsibility of parents or carers to decide if a pupil should attempt to travel to school, by transport or on foot, in adverse weather conditions. In the event that adverse weather forces either the full or partial closure of the school we will put the following arrangements in place, in the order listed. Therefore please check this website, social media and the school information line first.

1) School Information Line

0800 564 22 72 (Charleston Academy PIN: 041720)

The telephone information service will be updated as early as possible on the morning concerned. At other times a generic message is left to indicate normal opening.

2) SEEMIS text message

We now have the new facility in SEEMIS (our school IT system) to send text messages to parents. In the
event of us having to close or to have a later start due to adverse weather then we will send out a text
message. All parents who have their current mobile phone number in our school system will receive this
text. If you would like to receive this text but are unsure if we hold your most up to date mobile phone
number then please contact the school office on 01463 234324 to update our records.

3) Other Sources

Details of all Highland school closures may also be available on the Council’s School Closures Website. Moray Firth Radio also broadcast the information that is published on the Highland Council site. However, the council website cannot be updated as early as our own school website or our twitter/Facebook pages. Information won’t appear on the council page or be broadcast on MFR until after 7am and will be limited. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or specific detail of the information passed on by third parties.

School Transport and Bus Text Service

The school operates a group text service for all bus pupils. The text will, in the first instance, always be sent to parents before pupils. Please ensure you have provided the school with the correct mobile number for this service. CLICK HERE to provide new or updated details for this service.

154393_386109244801736_1388876243_nSchool transport contractors and drivers have the discretion to cancel or delay journeys to school if particular road conditions are deemed unsafe.

During adverse weather pupils should not wait at a pick up point for more than 20 minutes. When a contractor cancels a service on a particular route due to severe weather or dangerous road conditions please don’t assume that a return service at the end of the day will operate if the school is otherwise open.

Our main contractor, D&E Coaches, update their Facebook Page regularly (and often daily in winter) with information about school bus services.

Delayed Opening Time

We may decide given particular circumstances to delay the start of the school day. This allows all pupils and staff more time to get to school safely in the event of bad weather. Transport arrangements can be confirmed and there will be more daylight to ensure safer journeys to school. However, pupils arriving before the postponed start time will be required to remain in the school or community centre.

Any decision to close the school will be made as early as possible. When weather conditions deteriorate after it is estimated that the majority of pupils and staff are already on their way to school, for safety reasons it is more likely that the school will remain open to ensure their safe arrival, with the conditions then reviewed as necessary during the day.

At all times of the year it is very important that parents do not enter the school park in the morning to drop off their child. Please use the turning circle at Charleston View.