SQA Results

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Results of SQA courses and exams should be delivered by email / text (from 8am) or by post on Tuesday 9 August 2016. Senior staff will be available in school on Tuesday 9 August and Wednesday 10 August. Please phone the school if you have any queries about any aspect of the results.

Please see the SQA website for information about your SQA Results. The section on Results Services is also useful. Remember Appeals no longer exist – results can now only be subjected to a clerical review or a marker review.

Further good advice can be found on the Skills Development Scotland website.


Good Luck to everyone waiting on results.

Graduation 2016

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Our annual Graduation Ceremony for all of our departing S6 students was held in the school hall on Friday 3 June. Special Guests Mr David Donaldson and Mrs Kate Donaldson conferred some of our awards along with departing or retiring staff: Mr Duncan Dyker our retiring Principal Teacher of Computing, Mr Rob Seymour, our retired Principal Teacher of Technical and Mr Stuart Buchanan from the Geography Department who leaves at the end of term to take up a new post in Edinburgh.

We said a formal farewell to these staff members alongside our departing S6 in a ceremony attended by 260 people. It was fantastic to see so many people turn out to bid farewell to our S6 and to mark the culmination of this  phase of their education. Photos of some of the Special Award winners are shown below and the Graduation Programme can be downloaded.


Graduation 2016 Programme


New Timetable

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New Timetables for all pupils begin on Tuesday 7 June. Monday 6 June is an in-service training day for staff. Tuesday also marks the start of our new school day / week configuration. You can download the new unit times below and all pupils will receive a copy of this with their timetables on Tuesday morning. Remember we finish at 12:25pm, the end of Unit 4, on Fridays.

Hurry Bells are rung before Registration and Unit 6 each day.


Lead Prefect Team 2016

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Following interviews that took place on 31 May and 1 June, we have now appointed our Lead Prefect Team for 2016-17. Thank you to everyone who applied and attended for interview. There were many outstanding interviews which were conducted in front of a panel of four staff.

NOTE 1: As many of the new Lead Prefect Team are away on Friday evening at the Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition we will NOT be formally introducing the team at the Graduation Ceremony for the departing S6.
NOTE 2: The Lead Prefect Team Development Weekend will take place at Badaguish from Friday 16 September until Sunday 18 September. ALL members of the new team must attend this – there can be no exceptions.

Mr O’Neill and Mrs Cameron will hold the first meeting of the new Lead Prefect Team on Thursday 9 at lunchtime – please check the Daily Notices.

Congratulations to the new team and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful.





Athletics Finals

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Our Athletics Finals were held last Friday, marking the culmination of a week of competitive heats. Well done to everyone who took part and to those competing in the finals. The final results are shown below. House Points are allocated for taking part, for getting into the final, and for school records.

Well done to the PE department and everyone else who made the day a brilliant success.

Lead Prefect Team Interviews

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Interviews for our 2016-17 Lead Prefect Team will take place next week; Tuesday 31 May and Wednesday 1 June at the times below. Please make sure you turn up 10 minutes before your interview time which will last approximately 15 minutes. Interviews will be in Mr O’Neill’s office. If for any reason you cannot attend at the allocated interview time, you must let Mrs Cameron in Geography know immediately.

There’s a huge amount of potential talent represented by everyone who has applied. There are 12 positions to be filled. Good Luck everyone.

View our previous Lead Prefect Teams HERE.

Mr Chris O’Neill, Head Teacher

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

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Young People at Charleston Academy are being actively encouraged by their teachers to use Google Apps for Education. These apps are already being used on the 100 iPads we have in school. From 2017 young people will also be able to use these on the one-to-one Chromebook devices as this service begins to be rolled out across the council. At assemblies next week young people will be given more information about GAFE. Tomorrow (Wednesday) all S1-S3 students will receive this letter seeking consent for GAFE use in school. The letter also contains links to more information about GAFE.

Additionally, please see this website for information about Google Apps for Education.

For more information about the way we are now using iPads in Charleston Academy please see Apple’s Education microsite.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.00




S2 Baseline Assessments

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All S2 pupils in Charleston Academy will sit Curriculum Based Assessments (SOSCA) as part of Highland Council’s baseline assessment policy. The tests in Reading, Science and Maths are online and coordinated by Durham University’s Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring. Baseline Assessments such as these are designed to measure the individual underlying potential of our young people. The assessments will take place for ALL S2 pupils on Friday 6th May, Monday 9th May and Wednesday 11th May.

This letter has been issued to all S2 pupils today to confirm assessment times. It is important these tests are taken seriously but pupils are not expected to revise for them. Depute Rector Mrs Helen Hunter coordinates the tests and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.41


Farewell S6 Class of 2016

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We said farewell to our soon to depart S6 today. As Study Leave begins on Tuesday 3 May, S6 students will only now be in school for their exams. Their official leaving date is on Friday 3 June. That day is the last SQA Exam and the date of our S6 Graduation Ceremony which takes place in the school that evening. S6 will also take part in an activity, usually paintball, that day too.

Until then, today marked a friendly, informal and emotional farewell for our S6. They have been an outstanding year group and today’s departure was good natured and enjoyed by all.

The day began with a Tea Party for Prefects and S6 and also included a staff v S6 football match at lunchtime. Yearbooks were distributed, shared and signed and a few fond farewells said too.

Good Luck meantime with your exams.

Botswana 2016 Begins

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Preparations for our fourth Connecting Classrooms Global Exchange trip to Botswana are now underway. Over thirty students and five staff will be heading to Botswana at the end of June to visit our partner school, Lotsane Senior Secondary School, in Palapye in Central Botswana.

While there, students and staff will spend three days working in school as part of our cultural exchange. We will also be visiting the local Maternity Hospital with donations of knitting and other goods that are much needed and we will be taking over. We will visit, work and support an AIDS orphanage in Palapye and later will also visit a primary school in Kasane in the north of Botswana. Our itinerary is now final.

Today students and staff received their own “allowance” of knitting and other donations that we are bringing over. Students must share these and pack them into their own limited luggage allowance to take. Students also received their House T shirts that will be their school dress code in Lotsane Senior Secondary. Everyone is now really excited to be in the final stages of preparation after two years of planning.