Get Ready To Vote

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Young People in Scotland aged over 16 are able to vote in Scottish Parliament and Local Council Elections. The next Scottish Local Elections are on Thursday 4 May. Anyone aged 16 or over on that day can vote. However, anyone aged over 14 is able to register to vote.

We will be supporting all eligible young people to register to vote in the next month or so using Electoral Commission approved materials.

Meantime, anyone eligible to vote or to register to vote can do so on the Scottish Government Website. The Registration deadline is 17 April.

Nearly £9K raised for Charities by Charleston Academy

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Throughout the year at Charleston Academy we support a number of Charities in a variety of ways. During 2016 our school and community raised the huge sum of £8,956.03 for all of our chosen charities. This includes fundraising done by our YPI students (but NOT the £3k award to the winners). We also raised around £9,000 for our own Sponsored Walk. This is not included either.

Whether large or small, each fundraising venture is important in helping all of our young people understand the needs of others, the hard work done by others in our community to support those with needs and the value of money in today’s society.

During 2016 some of the  charity events included: Children in Need (£850), MacMillan (£167), Blytheswood (£2271.90), Advocacy Highland (£1,215.35), Children 1st (£2250) and many more.

Well done and thank you to everyone in our school community who supports all of these events.

Letter to All Parents

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This Letter has been issued to all pupils (school bag mail) in school today to take home to their Parents / Carers. It contains information in relation to changes to the In-Service Days scheduled for 2017 as well as confirmation of dates for important curricular / transition meetings that are relevant for all parents to attend.

A copy of the letter can be downloaded below. Any pupil absent today can collect a paper copy from the school office on their return to school.

Please see our Calendar for all of these important dates and more.


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This important letter about Drug Activity has been issued to all young people in Inverness and Nairn secondary schools today. This is a very serious matter and we want our young people to share and discuss the contents with their Parent/Carer at home.

The following points within the letter have been emphasised to all of our young people during registration today.

  • Schools in Inverness and Nairn are working together with the Police to ensure everyone remains safe
  • There has been an increase in information available suggesting a possible or actual increase in drug activity in our community
  • It is important that pupils, parents, school staff and the police work together to prevent young people from coming to harm
  • This is by no means a new issue but evidence suggests that more young people are engaging in risk taking behaviour and at a younger age
  • Young people of all ages have been identified as both using and supplying harmful substances
  • Too many young people now regard this behaviour as “normal” if not for themselves then for others
  • There is evidence that young people in and around Inverness are now accessing a wider range of substances which include cannabis, MDMA, heroin and crack cocaine.

In order to prevent young people coming to significant harm it is vital that any concerns are passed on to the Police via:

  • Calling 101
  • CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111
  • Community Beat Officers or to School Staff.

Everyone must work together to keep our young people safe.

The letter below has been issued to young people in all Inverness Secondary Schools and Nairn Academy.

  • Click / Tap on the letter below to download a PDF version.
  • Visit the Talk to Frank Website HERE for detailed information about Drug Activity or via the link above.


Drug Activity – Letter from HTs & Police


Senior Prelims, Parents’ Evening & Reports

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All students in S4, S5 and S6 received their reports along with this letter last week. These have been published ahead of the Prelim Exams Schedule. Prelims begin on Friday 13 January and run for three weeks until Friday 3 February.

There are now less than three school weeks until the Prelims begin.

Following the Prelims all Parents and Carers will have an opportunity to meet teachers at Parents’ Evening. There are two scheduled:

Each of these meetings is for the Parents/Carers of young people in S4, S5 and S6. Parents/Carers can attend one or both. Because they are on different evenings this allows all Parents/Carers to hopefully attend an evening meeting that suits them. Teachers will be giving updates on Prelim Exams and the action required thereafter ahead of the main SQA exams in May.

We hold our Senior Phase Curriculum Information Evening in the New Year. This takes place on:

Please ensure that you are aware of these important dates. We look forward to working with you to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for our Young People.


Letter S4/5/6


Prelims 2017


Children in Need Choir & £850 raised

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Charleston Academy’s efforts to support Children in Need saw the school community raise over £800 for our supported charity. Various events organised by Miss Sali Massey and a team of prefects meant everyone had great fun raising this total.

Additionally, the school was very proud to host and also take part in the BBC Scotland Children in Need Choir. On the day our choir members, accompanied by Mr Scott Nairn, Acting PT Music and Miss Janis MacDonald, Geography Department, travelled to Glasgow to perform live. See this Link for more.

The BBC said of Charleston Academy:

The Charleston pupils made all the others feel so very welcome and they are a credit to themselves, their school and you!

Well done everyone.


Forthcoming Events

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It’s going to be a busy end to this term. Please ensure you’re aware of what’s coming up. See our Calendar.

29 Nov: Group Photos
6 Dec: Parent Council
8 Dec: QIO Visit
13 Dec: S2 Parents’
15 Dec: YPI Final
20 Dec: Junior Dance
21 Dec: Christmas Lunch
22 Dec: Senior Dance
23 Dec: Christmas Quiz
23 Dec: Close 12:25pm