Curriculum and Course Choice Information Evenings

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Letters will soon be issued to all pupils in S1/2 and in S3/4/5 about forthcoming curriculum and course choice information evenings.

Pupils will be issued with the letters to take home on Thursday 21 January. Copies of both letters can also be downloaded below.

While the main purpose of the information evenings is to explain the course choice process to parents, we will also use both evenings to highlight future curriculum and timetable changes at Charleston Academy. For this reason parents of S1 pupils are also invited to the meeting on 27 January.

We look forward to seeing you at these meetings soon.

S1 & S2 Letter

S1 & S2 Letter

S3/4/5 Letter

S3/4/5 Letter

Scottish Parliament Visit

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Earlier this term, Modern Studies students were fortunate to be able to visit the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. On arrival at the Scottish Parliament pupils were met with a protest group for CALMAC who were lobbying MSPs in relation to the debate which was taking place in the debating Chamber later in the afternoon.

Pupils then met with Jean Urquhart MSP and put some impressive questions to her on a variety of issues such as media intrusion, nuclear disarmament, gender equality in the armed forces and the work of the Parliament to be more open to those with disabilities. The pupils also took part in a workshop to help with their understanding of how a Bill is passed in the Scottish Parliament. To further their understanding of the work of the Scottish Parliament pupils had the opportunity to observe a lively debate in the debating chamber.

Outside of the Scottish Parliament our group happened to pass Kezia Dugdale MSP (leader of the Scottish Labour Party) who took the opportunity to speak with staff and pupils about their visit before we had to depart.

Mrs Lyndie Cameron, Principal Teacher of Geography and Modern Studies

Creative Cake Decorating

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Students studying our Cake Decorating course have been putting the finishing touches to their Christmas Cakes this week. Well done to everyone who took part.

Mr Rob Seymour, Principal Teacher of Technical Education, who retires at the end of this term, judged the final cake on Tuesday and announced the winners:

Overall Winner: Katy Fraser (4L1)

Runners Up: Nicola Rattray (3T1); Teagan Cameron (3L1); Ayesha Grant (5K2); Lara MacDonald (4K2) and Iona Stoddart (3L1).

Mr Derek Newlands, Home Economics Department

Youth Philanthropy Initiative

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On Friday 4th December, we held our 2015 YPI Final. It was the culmination of much hard work by all our S3 pupils and their respective charities. This year we had 5 Finalists representing local charities. The semi- finals were very close this year, and it came down to just 1 or 2 points between some teams, but in the end, 5 went through to represent the following charities:

Foodbank Highland;
Children’s Hospice Association Scotland;
Highland Deaf Children’s Services;
Women’s Aid;
New- Start Highland.

Mrs Thomson from our PE Department hosted the event. Our judges this year were:

Mr Chris O’Neill – Chair (Head Teacher, Charleston Academy)
Mr James Cameron (Scottish and Southern Energy)
Ms Amanda Thomson (SSE)
Mrs Ann Ashton (Charleston Academy Parent Council)
Mr Richard Syred (retired Head Teacher, Inches Primary School, former ASN Teacher at Charleston Academy)
Mr Michael Perera (Community Mental Health Services, NHS Highland)

It was a pleasure to welcome our special guests and judges to Charleston for this event and we hope they enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did. This year we were joined by Provost of Inverness Helen Carmichael, Councillor Alex Graham, Mrs Ann Sim (Regional YPI Coordinator), Rev Andrew Barrie (Kinmylies Church)

YPI has become embedded into our S3 curriculum and forms part of our Wider Achievement Award in Religion, Beliefs and Values. We have now secured £6,000 for two local charities in the last two years; YPI has given our pupils a first- hand experience of Philanthropy with many of our pupils maintaining vital  ties with their charities.

Our very worthy winners this year are the group who represented New-Start Highland – securing them the fantastic grant of £3,000. The boys,  worked very hard to produce a thought provoking and powerful presentation.

Congratulations to the winning team promoting New-Start Highland below:

Mrs Carol Mackenzie, Teacher of RMPS

S4 Bridge to Employment: Ashfield Music Festival

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At our second STEMinar on Thursday 19 November we learnt how Physics is applied during the planning of a music festival. At the start of the day we were assigned different roles within our group of six eg Project Manager, Sound Engineer and Health and Safety Advisor.

Throughout the day we learnt what was involved in each job. In the afternoon we had to work together to put forward a plan and detailed costs for a music festival with the aid of a poster. Our presentations had to convince a panel of judges to provide us with the funding needed for a festival.

Overall we really enjoyed this STEMinar and it helped to improve our team working and communication skills as well as boosting our confidence.

by Sami Cochrane (4T) and Gabi Gill (4L)


Samantha Cochrane (4T1)

Samantha Cochrane (4T1)

Gabrielle Gill (4L1)

Gabrielle Gill (4L1)








Read more about Bridge to Employment HERE. It is delivered in partnership with several companies, including Scottish and Southern Energy and Lifescan.

S4 Bridge to Employment pupils:

Danielle Ross 4K1; Gabrielle Gill 4L1; Bruce Campbell 4L2; Ashwin Crombie 4L2; Jacob Hodgson 4L2; Eilidh McCormick  4L2; Adam; MacDougall 4L2; Tyler Whitty 4L2; Szymon Kryszczyszyn 4S1; Miar Kyle 4S1; Sasha Brandon 4T; Samantha Cochrane 4T; Robbie Henderson 4T; Megan Meldrum 4T; Ross Watson 4T.

Pets at Home Visit

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On Friday 6th November, three pupils visited Pets at Home as part of their ASDAN short course in Animal Care. Beth, Kelly and Kieran were shown how to safely handle a variety of animals including snakes, bearded dragons, rabbits and guinea pigs. Hannah from Pets at Home answered many questions from the pupils about the animals such as how to care for them and information about their life cycles.

Miss Lindsey Gray, Support for Learning Department

Higher Geography Success

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Congratulations to former Charleston Academy pupil Arianne Ross. At the weekend Arianne attended the annual conference of the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers where she was awarded the SQA Prize for the highest overall mark in the SQA Higher Geography examination for 2015. Arianne was delighted with such an accolade and was equally impressed to receive her award from adventurer, broadcaster and author Mark Beaumont.

Art & Design Turner Prize Exhibition

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On Thursday 29 October our S6 Art Portfolio class travelled down to Glasgow to view the 2015 Turner Prize Awards in the Tramway building. During our trip we also attended the Glasgow School of Art open day which conveniently landed during the same time that the Turner Prize was being displayed in the city. We spent the morning exploring many of the GSA departments and their buildings, including the newly built Reid Building; learning about what the courses entailed and meeting several of the highly regarded lecturers.

In the late afternoon we took a train to the Tramway building to view the prestigious Turner Prize Awards. As a class we were given a brief to follow out an artistic response to our favourite nominee. The art being displayed in the Tramway wasn’t conventional art such as a painting or a sculpture; instead the work presented was strongly conceptional, ranging from fur coats stitched to the back of chairs to inter-dimensional alien abduction reports. There are only 4 nominees running for the £25,000 cash prize and entry into the diverse and controversial world of art and the prize is to be presented in December.

As a class we had mixed feelings towards the artists and their ideas. I feel like we struggled getting into the open mind set of the artist’s reasoning for the way they had visualised their representation of art. A guide walked us around the displays and explained to us the concepts behind each as well as the methods used. The amount of vast creativity and inventive ideas were immensely inspirational to us all; even if the visual representation of the art didn’t ignite excitement, inspiration was still drawn from the artists disregard for conventional art.

Overall the day was both enjoyable and inspiring for me and my fellow classmates.

Liam Black (6S1)

Liam Black (6S1)


Thursday’s trip to The Glasgow School of Art Open Day and The Tramway Gallery proved to be both exciting and inspiring for staff and students involved.

The portfolio students took full advantage of this opportunity, allowing them to take part in activities, tour the campus grounds, listen to presentations from university tutors and ask questions. Although it was a long day of traveling I feel it was extremely worthwhile in confirming for students that Art School is a future path for them.

Students also visited The Tramway Gallery and took part in an educational tour looking at the Turner Prize 2015 Nominee’s. Again this event allowed students to reflect and created open dialogue of ‘what is Art’? Students are being asked to select one of the nominees and respond to their work.

I would like to thank Gillian Clark (the schools’ careers advisor) for accompanying me on this trip and for her vital input, also the GSA staff and students for making themselves so ready available and finally Anna Lehr at Tramway.

Mr Derek Sim – Acting Principal Teacher Art & Design