YPI Speed Dating

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S3 RMPS Students all take part in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. This scheme, supported by the Wood Family Trust, sees £3000 donated to the school. Participants must first form teams or groups and then research and investigate the work of local charities. The groups must then prepare a presentation outlingin in detail how £3000 would benefit the charity of their choice and how the money would be spent. They must focus on the impact the £3000 would have on the service the charity provides.

The presentation heats take place between now and December. The final is on Thursday 15 December when external judges will announce the winning charity which will then receive the £3000.

Read more about YPI HERE. This Leaflet also provides more detailed information about the initiative which is now in its third year at Charleston Academy.

Thursday’s Speed Dating event was to allow groups of S3 students a chance to find out as much about the 20 plus participating charities ahead of choosing one for their main presentations.

Thanks to Beth Fraser (6T1) from our Higher Photography class for taking the pictures.

Beth Fraser - 6T1

Beth Fraser – 6T1


Guitars Donated

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Former pupil Alisdair Nesbitt was one of the first students ever to step foot in Charleston Academy when the school doors originally opened in 1978. Since graduating from Charleston in 1983, Mr Nesbitt has spent many years “dabbling” in music and has accumulated a number of guitar instruments. As much as Mr Nesbitt likes these instruments he contacted us recently to say they are no longer used.

Mr Nesbitt has very generously donated two electric guitars, a semi acoustic guitar, a practise amplifier and fender guitar amplifier to the Music department. He feels that they would be put to better use and encourage the next generation of Jimi Hendrix.

The Music Department would like to thank Mr Nesbitt once again for this extremely kind donation and would gladly except any future donations made to the department by our community.

The instruments will be used in class, practical exams and upcoming concerts where our young musicians can demonstrate their performance skills and dedication.

Many Thanks

Mr Scott Nairn, Acting Principal Teacher of Music

University Art Trips & Degree Shows

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On Monday and Wednesday of this week the senior Art pupils attended the Degree Shows at Gray’s School of Art and The Glasgow School of Art. We were allowed to move freely around both exhibitions seeing works from a variety of degree courses and students.

Being able to see the entirety of the student’s works allowed us to take a step back and put into perspective how such extravagant collections all started with a single concept and developed thoroughly into the work displayed.

Personally, having seen the reality of Art Schools, many of us returned home immensely inspired by these trips and it has given us that extra determination to reach our own personal goals.






Jodie Keiro-Kirk (6L)


Yet again these two day trips to both Gray’s School of Art and The Glasgow School of Art proved to highly valuable, informative and not to mention inspiring. I continue to be overwhelmed by the genuine excitement, commitment and sheer passion which my students demonstrate during these events and thereafter when reflecting. I would advise every one of them to start this session as they mean to go on; immerse yourselves in creative dialogue, conviction and a strong work ethic.

Finally, can I take this time to thank Mrs Lyndie Cameron and Ms Lyndsey Gray for driving the school mini bus to both locations and to the whole school staff for their constant support to myself, our pupils and the Art & Design department.

Mr Derek Sim (Acting PT Art & Design)

School of Football Visit to Hampden

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Young people in S1 who are part of our School of Football initiative had a great day at the national stadium Hampden in Glasgow yesterday. Our young people were accompanied by Arthur Jack, our Community & Youth Coach who is based at Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

Participants in the programme follow an enhanced timetable during S1, S2 and S3 at Charleston Academy to allow one unit of football to be delivered every day. Pupils are extracted from some subjects to facilitate this and get one unit less of PE during the week.

Throughout the programme, players have the opportunity to be identified by senior clubs involved in the Scottish FA Youth Initiative programme.


Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

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Young People at Charleston Academy are being actively encouraged by their teachers to use Google Apps for Education. These apps are already being used on the 100 iPads we have in school. From 2017 young people will also be able to use these on the one-to-one Chromebook devices as this service begins to be rolled out across the council. At assemblies next week young people will be given more information about GAFE. Tomorrow (Wednesday) all S1-S3 students will receive this letter seeking consent for GAFE use in school. The letter also contains links to more information about GAFE.

Additionally, please see this website for information about Google Apps for Education.

For more information about the way we are now using iPads in Charleston Academy please see Apple’s Education microsite.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.00




Dr David Fowley’s Big Bang Presentation

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Dr Fowley returned to Charleston Academy on Friday last week with the Big Bang Strikes Back as part of the 2016 Inverness Science Festival. On Friday 6th of May, he presented an interactive and explosive display of colourful, catalytic, chemistry experiments. Beginning with the most simple of materials, ice, but not the regular kind – frozen nitrogen at approximately -90 degrees centigrade. Many members of the audience got to have hands on experience juggling small nuggets so it didn’t freeze their skin.

Moving along David showed us an oscillating reaction which was assisted by a chemical catalyst, the solution flashed between clear and brown as the chemicals and catalyst reacted. To end his Big Bang extravaganza David deconstructed a firework and so ending with his own ‘big, little bang’.

by Cameron Cochrane, 3T2. Photos by Zarah Gollan, 6S1.


My World of Work for S1

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All of our S1 students took part in a workshop delivered by Skills Development Scotland today. Our SDS Careers Advisers delivered the My World of Work Live (MyWOW Live) programme in the Hall all day.

The programme is an early taste of the potential careers available for students studying STEM subjects (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths). The hands on activities allowed our young people to get deeply engaged in some fascinating science as well as learn about potential career opportunities. Thanks to all at SDS for supporting this programme.

Cake Decorating

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Well done to Home Economics pupils who have just completed their National 5 Cake Decorating course. Stephanie Alison (5K1), Ayesha Grant (5K2), Alice Lee (5S1), Morgan MacDonald (6L), David Proctor (5K1), Mairi Strong (5S1) and Nathan Ross (5K2) have all completed their course and presented their final pieces, examples of which are shown here.

Mrs Alison Fraser, Acting Principal Teacher Home Economics

Multi-Lingual Debate

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On Wednesday 23rd March a group of 9 pupils and 3 staff travelled to Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

When we arrived we navigated our way across the mini village to the postgraduate building where there were various Chinese workshops being displayed. There was a chance to try traditional Chinese food, see a performance of Tai Chi and also an introduction to Chinese knots artwork.

Following lunch and our little taste of China, we walked back across campus to the multilingual debate. Schools from all over Scotland were in the audience and there was even a camera broadcasting the debate online for students all around the world. The topic of discussion was: “This House believes that accessing public services in your native language should be a recognised and implemented human right”. There was a panel of six people from different nationalities who were arguing either in favour of the motion or against. They all spoke in their native tongues which were Chinese, German, French, Spanish, English and British Sign Language. In booths at the side of the stage, there were language students interpreting their arguments into English for the audience to understand. This was done by providing everybody with headphones, a radio and three channels to tune into. You could flick through the channels and hear the students translating very successfully.

Before the debate, everybody in the audience voted anonymously using an electronic device. The results came in at 68% Yes votes and 32% No votes. After the debate there was an audience vote again and the results dropped quite significantly to 56% Yes and 44% No.

At the end of the debate a representative of Heriot-Watt told us the benefits of having a language in the world of work nowadays. It offers many opportunities for young graduates in both business and international affairs.

Claire MacDonald 6S