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The North of Scotland Schools Senior Debating Competition

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The second round of The North of Scotland Schools Senior Debating Competition took place this Wednesday evening, with six teams from across the Highlands arguing whether Robin Hood was right.

The debate featured a broad range of arguments, with a particular focus being socialism, and the role of the media (and Disney in particular) in promoting a certain image of the man himself.

Morvern Carmichael and Samantha Cochrane spoke second for team proposition and delivered another polished performance; they addressed the merits (and limitations) of our current taxation system, and invoked the Grenfell Tower fire as evidence of the need for a modern ‘Robin Hood’.

Ultimately, they were awarded a full six points — and first position — by the judging panel, ensuring they have an excellent opportunity to reach the final at the end of November.

The third round takes place at Charleston Academy on the 2nd of November where Morvern and Samantha will be lead opposition for the motion This house believes our right to a private life is under serious threat from modern technology.

Samantha Cochrane & Morven Carmichael

North of Scotland Schools Senior Debating

Well done once again!

Dr G Campbell

English Department

S2 Maths Challenge

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International Maths Week takes place in September each year.  To do its little bit in 2017, the Maths Department recently organised a Maths Challenge for all S2 pupils.   Two separate challenges (A and B) were set up on 2 successive Wednesdays, based on a similar format.  In a morning session, mixed teams of four were given problem solving and practical 3D shape building challenges.    In the afternoon sessions, pupils took part in a relay event, where teams had to answer correctly as many ‘quick-fire’ numeracy questions as possible within a set time.   In addition to applying and developing key mathematical skills, the challenges also provided good team working and problem solving practice.    Informal post-event feedback from pupils was really positive and the Department hope to organise similar type events in the future.

Well done to all pupils taking part, but particular congratulations to members of the winning teams: Trixie Bernababe, Courtney Birch, Euan Hamilton and Meg Leaver (challenge A): and Goncalo Corriea, Glen McNeil, Neive Rodden and Drai Senior (challenge B).   Winners all received a magic puzzle cube prize.


Mr D. Cummins

Maths Department

Duke Of Edinburgh Award

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Congratulations to our Bronze DofE participants from last year who have completed their award. Of the 27 pupils who undertook the award, 14 have now completed which is fantastic. Some of the group were presented with their certificate and badge at assembly in August, with some pupils receiving their award before the summer holidays.

During S3-S6 assemblies this week, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was launched for this session. Pupils can undertake the award at three different levels – Bronze (age 14+), Silver (age 15+) and Gold (age 16+). To achieve the award, participants must complete four sections – Volunteering, Physical, Skill and Expedition, with Gold participants having an additional Residential section. If your child would like to undertake the award, completed forms along with payment should be returned to Miss Gray (ASN) or Mr Foster (Biology) by Friday 29th September. Please note: spaces are limited to 28 for Bronze and 14 for Silver and Gold.

Miss L Gray

Kirking of the Council

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On Sunday the 10th of September we were given the opportunity to represent Charleston Academy at the annual Kirking of the council. The Kirking of the Council is a partnership between the congregation of the Old High St Stephen’s Church of Scotland and The Highland Council that enables the Kirk to bless the work of the elected Members and their officials.

We arrived at the Inverness town house at 10am and mingled with the counsellors allowing us to introduce ourselves and meet some of the important people in the area. We then proceeded to parade down to the Old High Church alongside head prefects from other local high schools as well as many other representatives and officials.

At the end of the parade we attended the Service inside the church, then after we made our way back to the town house where we mingled with other counsellors and other officials and we enjoyed a buffet lunch.

Overall the experience was Educational and eye opening as we got to meet lots of new people.

Jacob Hodgson and Grace Bird (Head Prefects)


European day of languages

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On Tuesday 26th September, pupils in French, Gaelic and German classes celebrated European Day of Languages.  Pupils learnt lots of language facts and participated in language quizzes.  They were interested to learn about the noises made by animals of different nationalities (!), interesting idiomatic expressions and the longest words in various languages.  More importantly, it was another great opportunity for staff to promote the benefits of language learning.

European Day of Languages photo

Miss Y Gunn

Principal Teacher languages

Lead Prefect weekend

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The Lead Prefect Team had a very successful weekend from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th at Badaguish working on the SQA Leadership award.  The weekend covered leadership styles, skills and attributes as well as the team practicing coaching and reflecting on their own values and journeys.   Thanks to the facilitators Mr. Stewart, Ms. McPherson, Mrs. Hunter and Ms. Bain for their time and help.

M Sutherland

Principal teacher Chemistry