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Business Brunch – Languages

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A group of ten S3 Gaelic pupils recently attended the SCILT Business Brunch at the Kingsmills Hotel.  The theme of the event was the importance of languages in the workplace.  Pupils and staff had the opportunity to speak to representatives from a range of companies and organisations.  They also had the opportunity to listen to a range of people who use languages in their work including Paula Nicol from the Inverness Chamber of Commerce, Willie Cameron from Cobbs Group, Eilidh MacKenzie from Fèisean nan Gàidheal and Seonaidh MacKenzie from BBC Alba. 

Miss Y Gunn – Principal teacher Languages

Make Sports Everyone’s Game

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On Thursday 29th November colleagues and pupils came together to celebrate equality and inclusion at Charleston Academy by wearing their Rainbow Laces.

100 set of rainbow laces were sold instantly, both colleagues and pupils wore comfortable / sporting footwear on Thursday and laced these with the rainbow laces in order to show their support for diversity.

Pupils were in good spirits throughout the day, The Make Sports Everyone’s Game allowed  colleague’sand pupils to show their support for LGBTI+ fans and players on and off the pitch, encouraging all to challenge anti-LGBTI+ language in any situation and work with us to ‘make sport everyone’s game’.

This event marks the first of its kind, which the school has supported however there will be many more opportunities for colleagues and staff to celebrate and support of forms of diversity within our school and society.

Mr Derek Sim, Principal Teacher Art & Design.

As senior pupils we feel that the Rainbow Laces campaign was a success in bringing some awareness to LGBTI+ issues.

It would also be worthwhile inviting charities from the LGBTI+ and other organisations to visit the school and better inform pupils. If we look at these issues and others that focus on diversity then everyone will have a better understanding and awareness.

Rehana Karim (6L) & Angelina Bligh (6L)


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On Monday 26th of November Charleston Academy held its annual S1 Art Exhibition, celebrating the achievements of all S1 pupils. As well as giving the exhibited artwork well-deserved recognition there was also a variety of stalls run by pupils and other members of our community.

As well as an overall winner, prizes were also given for most creative, best use of colour, best use of pattern and best composition. The artwork was judged on the morning before the event by Depute Head Teacher Miss Rona MacPherson, Art Portfolio Students Angelina Bligh (S6), Sean MacKenzie (S6), Rehana Karim (S6) & Max Crawford-Cumming (S6).

Elise Warde (1A) was awarded as the overall winner; Fraser Roy (1D) was presented best composition. Best use of colour was given to Louie Noble (1B), best use of pattern was awarded to Dylan Macdonald (1E) and Angus Trevelyan (1C) was awarded with the most creative.

A special thank you to Mrs Kate Morris and other members of the Parent Council for supporting this event every year with such enthusiasm. A total of £150 was raised which will be used towards purchasing new display boards to be used for further events. Further special thanks goes to all the local businesses for their generous donation of prizes.

A further special thanks to Mr David Hay’s string group and Mr Ross Fairfield who’s piano playing pleasantly accompanied the evening with soft music throughout.

This event continues to inspire me; the truly outstanding work produced this year’s S1 cohort was a joy for the Art Teachers to showcase. We are extremely proud of our S1 – congratulations to you all.

Mr Derek Sim, Principal Teacher Art and Design.



Debating 29/11/18

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Here is a photo from tonight’s public speaking event held at Nairn Academy. The event was run by the Procurator Fiscal and is a great way to allow young adults to express their views on current topics. The prompt tonight was ‘Should schools make uniform compulsory?’ which Meg Leaver and Drew Pimm performed a brilliant speech on.

Rosie Gittings 5T2

Make sport everyone’s game

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Rainbow Laces – Any pupils or staff interested in celebrating this event which takes place this Thursday (29 November) can purchase rainbow laces from Mr Sim for £1.00. Pupils are encouraged to wear comfortable / sporting footwear on this day and lace them with the rainbow laces in order to show their support for diversity. Show your support for LGBT fans and players on and off the pitch, challenge anti-LGBT language and work with us to make sport everyone’s game.

Kirkhill Technology week

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On Wednesday 21st November 7 senior pupils went to Kirkhill primary to support the P5, 6 & 7 classes with their technology week activities.

The pupils started each class with a short presentation about “technology @ Charleston” and gave the pupils some idea about what to expect when the move up.  P5 pupils were building a model fairground ride powered by a motor.  Our senior pupils showed them how to build the circuit and fit it into their models.  The P6 pupils were doing a Dyson challenge which involved designing a jet (balloon) powered car and the P7 class were making mechanical toys powered by a motor.

The senior pupils got stuck into doing demonstrations and helped the classes complete each task.  They worked really hard all day and the primary staff were delighted with the level of expertise and patience that the senior pupils demonstrated.  They are a real credit to the Technical department.

Pupils involved: Josh Donaldson 5K, Cameron Keiro-Kirk, 5L, Joshua Wright 5S2, Alex Todd 5S2, Jude Macaskill 5S2, Alex MacAskill 6K, Lewis Macrae 6K

Mr J Richards

Principal Teacher – Technical”

Marine engineering Workshop

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40 S3 students took part in a Marine Engineering Workshop provided by the Marine Society and Sea Cadets

The workshop concentrated on buoyancy and density and how these impact on hull design, loading and ballast.

The students then built their won ‘barges’ from simple materials which were then in competition with each other to see how much they could be loaded. The winner managed to hold over 400 marbles, very close to the national winner this year.

The engineer leading the course was impressed by the behaviour and engagement of all the Charleston students and was happy to offer to return to deliver another course next year.

Mr D Vincent

Physics Teacher

S2 Gaelic careers event

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Chaidh sgoilearan Gàidhlig bhon dàrna bliadhna gu Siuthad!, latha dreuchdan Gàidhlig a chaidh a chur air dòigh le Leasachadh Sgilean Alba, Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd, Iomairt na Gàidhealtachd ’s nan Eilean agus Bòrd na Gàidhlig.  Dh’ ionnsaich sgoilearan mar a dh’fhaodadh sgilean Gàidhlig an cuideachadh nan cuid obrach agus mun raon farsaing de chothroman cosnaidh a tha ann do dhaoine le Gàidhlig.  Chuala na sgoilearan mu dheidhinn obraichean anns na meadhanan, ann am foghlam, anns na h-ealain, le buidhnean poblach mar Poileas Alba agus le buidhnean leasachaidh.  Bha e inntinneach a bhith a’ coinneachadh ri feadhainn a b’ àbhaist a bhith nan sgoilearan ann an Acadamaidh Bhaile Theàrlaich agus a tha a-nis ag obair ann an saoghal na Gàidhig.  Tha Karen Oakley ag obair aig Fèisean nan Gàidheal, tha Christie Nicilleathain ag obair mar Oifigear Phlanaichean Gàidhlig aig Bòrd na Gàidhlig agus thug Shannon Cowie, Tosgaire Òg na Gàidhlig 2016, seachad òraid aig toiseach an latha.  Bha spòrs aig na sgoilearan anns na bùthan-obrach eadar-obrachail agus fhuair iad cothrom bruidhinn ri Fiona a bhios a’ lìbhrigeadh prògram Bhelladrum.  Chòrd am bothan dhealbhan agus seisean Poileas Alba a bha anns an Àite Taisbeanaidh gu sònraichte riutha.

Some S2 Gaelic pupils recently attended the Siuthad! Gaelic careers event at Eden Court, which was organised by Skills Development Scotland, Highland Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Bòrd na Gàidhlig. The event provided pupils with information on the variety of ways they could use Gaelic in their future careers. It showcased the diverse range of career options for which having Gaelic is an advantage, or is essential.  Pupils heard about job opportunities in the media, in education, in the arts, with public bodies such as Police Scotland and with development organisations.  It was interesting to meet some former Charleston Academy pupils including former Head Girl Karen Oakley who now works at Fèisean nan Gàidheal, Christie MacLean who works as the Gaelic Plans Implementation Officer at Bòrd na Gàidhlig and the keynote speaker Shannon Cowie who was awarded Young Gaelic Ambassador of the Year in 2016.  The different workshops provided pupils with interactive, fun activities and they got a chance to speak to Fiona, presenter of BBC Alba’s Belladrum coverage.  The photo booth and the police dog and riot gear were this year’s highlights from the Exhibition Zone.