Mr Chris O’Neill, Rector

Mr Chris O’Neill is Rector at Charleston Academy. Brought up and educated in Forres, Mr O’Neill studied Geography at the University of Glasgow. Mr O’Neill began his teaching career at Elgin Academy in Moray, teaching both Geography and Modern Studies before becoming Principal Teacher of Geography. Continuing his career in the Highlands, Mr O’Neill was first Depute Rector at Culloden Academy and subsequently became Rector at Charleston Academy in 2011.

Mr O’Neill maintains an active interest in outdoor learning. He also led the introduction of Cooperative Learning and Critical Thinking Skills when he was Principal Teacher in Moray and also led numerous workshops for teachers on Active Learning and Formative Assessment (AIFL). He believes that enhancing the quality and range of teaching and learning lies at the heart of Curriculum for Excellence.

Mr O’Neill obtained the Scottish Qualification for Headship (SQH) in 2010. He is currently a Coach and Mentor for the GTCS Standards for Leadership and Management and for the new SCEL Headship Qualification. Mr O’Neill participated in and advocates the leadership programmes developed by Columba-1400 for Headteachers. He is also a member of Character Scotland, a group of professionals and practitioners enthusiastic about personal development and dedicated to supporting the cultivation and recognition of character attributes in Scotland.

Mr O’Neill is a Board Member of the Highland Football Academy, a member of the Highland Council ICT in Learning Strategy Group and the Bridge to Employment Steering Group. He is also serves on the Executive Committee of the Highland Secondary Headteachers Association.