Pupil Support Team

Depute Rector Miss Rona Macpherson oversees all aspects of Pupil Support at Charleston Academy.


    • Mrs Andrea Gordon (Principal Teacher Guidance)
    • Mrs Lyndsey Grey (ASN Teacher)


    • Miss Ryan MacKintosh (Acting Principal Teacher Guidance)
    • Mr Steve Seymour (ASN Teacher)


    • Mrs Geraldine Telford (Principal Teacher Guidance)
    • Mrs Fiona Johnston (ASN Teacher)


    • Mrs Heather MacRae (Acting Principal Teacher Guidance)
    • Miss Lorna Henderson (ASN Teacher)


    • Mr Richard Smith (Principal Teacher)

As well as four Guidance teachers, pupils requiring additional support for learning will be allocated to one of four Support for Learning teachers. Each of our ASN teachers is assigned to one of our four Houses.

House System

20130212-082822.jpgAll pupils at Charleston Academy are assigned to one of our four Houses. Each House is led by a Principal Teacher of Guidance. This ensures brothers and sisters from the same family are in the same house and deal only with one named guidance teacher, and if required, one named Additional Support Needs teacher.

Each Guidance teacher has a caseload of approximately 200 pupils. Our Guidance teachers are the first point of contact between home and school. Pupils will meet their Guidance teacher when they are still in Primary school and our Guidance teachers oversee the whole transition process from Primary 7 into S1.

Guidance and Personal Education

Pupils have regular contact with their Guidance teacher. Once per week pupils receive Personal Development / PSE lessons delivered by their Guidance teacher. Registration each day is taken by a Tutor. Teams of Tutors work with each Guidance teacher on a House basis.

Guidance teachers will act as the main link between home and school and a should be the first point of contact when parents contact the school about their child. During each session Guidance teachers fulfil several important roles:

  • Maintains pupil personal records
  • Provides curriculum advice and pastoral support as required
  • Gives advice at important transition points in school
  • Oversees and contributes to references for work, college, or University places
  • Liaises with other agencies beyond school when required
  • Tracks and monitors progress, attainment and wider achievement within and beyond school

Personal Support (S4 – S6)

Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland gives all pupils, particularly those in the senior qualifications phase, a right to directed personal support. Charleston Academy introduced this feature to our curriculum in Session 2014-15 for S5/6.

From Session 2015-16 all students in the Senior Phase (S4 to S6) will receive two units of Personal Support each week. During this time students monitor and track their own progress, discuss their strengths and development areas in each subject and set themselves personal and achievable targets. During this time, students will keep a reflective learning journal where they record learning conversations with their teachers and write personal action plans. Parents can view these at any time. Personal Support time is taken by Guidance teachers, working with ASN teachers as well as members of the Senior Management Team.



Our Extended Pupil Support Team is made up of staff from a wide range of other partner organisations, including Social Work, Highlife Highland and NHS Highland. Some of these professionals are based predominantly at Charleston Academy, others cover a wider area that includes most of our Associated Primary Schools.

  • Liz Watson (School Nurse, Children’s Services, NHS Highland)
  • Gillian Clark (Skills Development Scotland)
  • Yvonne Ross (Skills Development Scotland)
  • Susan Blackmore (Active Schools Coordinator, High Life Highland)
  • Dagmar Barrowman (Active Schools Coordinator, High Life Highland)
  • Claire O’Donnell (Practice Lead School Years, Social Work)
  • Jenny Fraser-Smith (Educational Psychologist, Care & Learning)
  • Aimee Stewart (Primary Mental Healthcare Worker, NHS Highland)
  • Heather Mackenzie (Children’s Services Worker, Social Work)
  • Rachel Broomfield (Children’s Services Worker, Social Work)
  • Vacancy (Community Paediatrician, NHS Highland)
  • Louise Rose (Youth Development Officer, Highlife Highland)
  • Karla Urquhart ( Youth Development Officer, Highlife Highland)
  • PC Steven MacLean (Community Liaison Officer, Police Scotland)
  • PC Alan MacLennan (Youth Coordinator, Police Scotland)


Miss Lorna Henderson from our ASN department along with our Librarians runs a nationally acclaimed reading recovery programme for S1 pupils. As a result of the significant success of the scheme developed at Charleston Academy Highland Council Care & Learning are now adopting our Speeder Readers Programme to use in other schools across Highland. Staff in our ASN department are providing training and support to many schools across the authority. A film about Speeder Readers can be found HERE and includes our former Head Girl Freya Boa talking about her experience of Speeder Readers.