Velocity – Go-By-Cycle

Velocity, a Bike Shop and Cafe in Inverness works in partnership with us to promote cycling to school as a safe, enjoyable, and health enhancing activity.

We realise that many pupils in our immediate catchment cycle to primary school, but the numbers that do so drops off when they start in S1. So, working with Velocity we will become a member of the By-Cycle-Race. Velocity staff will assist us in prmoting cycling as a healthy way to get to school, will provide weekly bicycle maintenance classes and drop-in sessions, and will also assist in identifying safe routes for our pupils to cycle to school.

Our aim, in working with Velocity is to achieve Cycling Scotland’s “Cycling Friendly School” status. Go ByCycle will be launched initially with new S1 pupils from Muirtown and Kinmylies primary schools. S1 pupils will compete in an accumulator race. This records the number of weekly journeys to school as a percentage of the total number of  pupils’ journeys. The results are uploaded weekly to Velocity’s website where the running totals will be seen and compared to other businesses/ schools in the Race.

By participating in GoBycycle, our pupils will achieve Cycling Scotland’s Level 3 Bikeability Award.

The GoByCycle Accumulator is linked to our House System and our four houses compete against one another. We will also be competing with other schools that have signed up for the scheme. Points are awarded for the journey made, not the distance.

Pupils participating will record their own data, assisted by Velocity, and hopefully find the increased motivation to continue cycling to school. Prizes consisting of lights, cycling equipment, and training sessions will be provided by Velocity.

We will also run competitive races at various times of the year with the assistance of Scottish Cycling. Plans are under way to allow a number of pupils to cycle our Sponsored Walk route in September too.