Scottish and Southern Energy

Scottish and Southern Energy is Scotland’s biggest company. The company began as Scottish Hydro in 1943. With the passing of the Scottish Hydro Development Act the company was created by the Government to provide electricity “on the grid” for the Highlands and Islands. The company quickly established world-renowned expertise for building dams, power stations and also rock tunnels.

By the mid Sixties, Scottish Hydro had built some 56 dams connected by over 600km of rock tunnel, aqueducts and pipelines and ensured Scotland led the world in the generation of small-scale, sustainable hydro-electricity. Scottish Hydro was also one of the biggest suppliers of renewable energy in the world.

In 1998 Scottish Hydro bought over the United Kingdom’s biggest generator of electricity, Southern Energy which generated and distributed electricity to most of the south of England. The new company, with Headquarters in Perth, become known as Scottish and Southern Energy and is the United Kingdom’s largest supplier of renewable, nuclear, and traditionally generated electricity.

SSE provides electricity to 9 million customers and gas to a further 5 million. It continues to innovate in the generation of renewable energy in the form of wind, wave and hydro. It also has a proven record of innovation in ICT.

Charleston Academy established a partnership with SSE in 2014 as part of our Bridge to Employment Programme. SSE aims to work with our pupils to develop a practical application of the academic and vocational skills and qualifications they have.

SSE employees from different sectors of the business are working with our students in a wide range of activities. This includes site visits, workshops in developing confidence, teamwork and presentation skills as well as providing mentoring for our young people. The programme is currently operating with pupils in S4 and in future years SSE will continue working with them assisting them with the transition to college, university, apprenticeships or other work.

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