Orion Group

Charleston Academy formed a partnership with Inverness based Orion Group in 2014. Orion are Engineering Recruitment Specialists. This active partnership will see an interdisciplinary cross curricular group of students and staff launch a weather balloon into space.

As part of this project Orion Group have donated some impressive pieces of equipment to Charleston Academy. This includes a weather balloon and a custom built payload of equipment containing a variety of technical still cameras, sophisticated GPS devices and high tech weather instruments.

Orion also donated a state of the art top of the range GoPro Camera to Charleston Academy to use within the launched balloon’s payload so that the whole project can hopefully be filmed.

Staff and students have formed a Space Mission Club. The club includes some thirty pupils working with staff from Physics, Geography, Technical and Computing to develop a greater understanding of how the equipment works and how it should be used successfully. The school will eventually launch the balloon and the entire payload into space – 100,000 feet. The ascent and descent will be recorded live on the GoPro Camera.

The project began after Charleston Academy pupil Cameron Fraser and his Dad tried something similar in 2014 with Orion’s help. Orion then decided to work with Charleston Academy so that more pupils would benefit from an understanding of the technical difficulties of such a project. Cameron’s launch video is below. We hope to have our own one available soon.

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