Moray Firth Radio – RadioSkills


Radioskills is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the European Social Fund and based at Moray Firth Radio just along the road from us in Inverness. They provide training for would-be producers, presenters, reporters, technicians and web developers through on-the-job-training and first hand experience.

DJs, Engineers and Technicians from Moray Firth Radio visit Charleston Academy regularly to assist and advise our pupils on improving our own school based radio station, Right Enough Radio. Pupils are also given the chance to produce broadcasts for Moray Firth’s sister station, Monster FM.

You can find out more about our excellent Right Enough Radio HERE.

Radioskills is currently working with other schools in Inverness , helping them set up their own radio stations. They’ve been working with Charleston Academy exploring our experience of setting up a radio station and keeping it running over the years. They’ve made three podcasts that you can listen to HERE, involving interviews with our radio team and music PT, Mrs Fiona Stuart.